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Lunch with Legal Cheek: Mark Stephens

You can change the world through law, star media lawyer Mark Stephens tells Emily Jupp, but it doesn't sate your artistic side There is one question any serious journalist couldn’t fail to ask Mark Stephens CBE, the top media lawyer who has probably appeared in more big name cases than any other solicitor: “Does Julian... Read more »

Law Student Branded ‘Slut’ By Talk Show Host Gets Obama Call

The following would never happen in Britain... On 23 February, Georgetown Law School student Sandra Fluke (pictured) testified at a congressional hearing in support of President Obama's ruling that religiously affiliated institutions, including some universities, should provide insurance plans that cover all costs for medicinal contraceptives. In response, rightwing US radio host Rush Limbaugh branded... Read more »

Michael Mansfield QC: ‘The Johnny Depp Of The Legal World’

"Radical; vegetarian; socialist. These three words are rarely used in conjunction with lawyers, but these are the three that encapsulate Michael Mansfield QC," begins last week's Oxford University student newspaper profile of well-known human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield (pictured left). "In a mystifying world, brim-full of traditions, wigs, and lots of Latin," it continues, "you... Read more »

Kingsley Napley Trainee Solicitor Nets Brit Award

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree, whose day job these days is as a trainee solicitor at Kingsley Napley, bagged a special prize for his contribution to music at the Brit Awards last night, alongside fellow band members Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Alex James. Rowntree (the ginger-haired one you never knew the name of, until now,... Read more »

Personal Injury: It’s a Massive Laugh!

Paul Rooney, the personal injury law firm, has launched a comedy video advert to flog the services of its ambulance chasing lawyers. Tasteless? Maybe, but hey, you get de-sensitised to other people’s pain after a while, and at the end of the day life’s just one black, black joke. Well, that’s what a spokesperson for... Read more »

Escape Routes From The Law: Doing a Hollywood

For the legions of training contract hunters out there, being a lawyer is a dream. But it’s not a job that makes everyone happy. The British Hollywood actor Gerard Butler (pictured), who started out as a trainee solicitor with Edinburgh corporate law firm Morton Fraser, didn't enjoy his time in the legal profession. “If I’d... Read more »