Prince Harry rumoured to be dating actress who plays a paralegal in Suits

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Royal’s fascination with lawyers continues


Rumours are swelling that Prince Harry is dating an actress best known for playing a paralegal in law student favourite TV show Suits.

The tabloids have claimed over the weekend the English prince is “besotted” with American actress Meghan Markle, who stars as Rachel Zane in the legal drama.

According to the Mail Online, the pair met in Toronto this summer, follow each other on social media and have met in London several times. Apparently 35-year-old Markle has already been introduced to Harry’s family, namely Prince William and Kate Middleton.

This isn’t the first time 32-year-old Harry has been linked to a lawyer — fictional or otherwise.

From 2004 to 2011, he was in an on-off relationship with magic circle solicitor Chelsy Davy, who ditched her job at Allen & Overy in 2014 to pursue other interests. The University of Leeds graduate told the press “it got to the point that I wanted something that was mine”. She is now the proud owner of a luxury jewellery company.

Legal Cheek wonders whether Harry’s draw to lawyer girlfriends boils down to his interest in the law.

In March, there was speculation the Queen’s grandson was off to Yale University to study law. Understandably, the news sent students at the Ivy League campus into a spin, but — as yet — Harry’s yet to make his Yale Law School debut.

Other big names reportedly heading for the profession include reality star Kim Kardashian, who told Wonderland Magazine in September she “really wants” to go to law school.



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Single Northern Trainee

I will have you now that I am gutted by these rumours, first Kate Middleton went off the market and now Meghan Markle …. there is no hope left



Northern trainee? You didn’t have much hope to begin with…






How is this legal news?



Not really big news for paralegals… she’s a rich and famous actress!!



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Every celebrity dating life seems so unreal, perfect and with no problems. I can’t imagine how hard it is to hide if they have some issues. Probably that’s why we always see on news so many breakups and divorces. I just talked about that with a friend of mine at and we are wondering if any celebrity is using online dating apps, chats, sites. Imagine talking with your favorite singer, actor and not knowing who are you talking to.



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