Only a barrister could describe a man sneezing on the Tube like this

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By Katie King on

Ironically, it went viral

A Littleton Chambers barrister’s homage to a mighty sneeze-stifler on his morning commuter has gone totally viral, garnering more than 9,000 retweets and 46,000 likes.

The Twitter thread in question came courtesy of Jamie Susskind, a first-class Oxford graduate and the son of well-known futurologist Richard Susskind (the man who wrote The End of Lawyers?). It followed the young barrister’s more-eventful-than-usual commute into work:

Yes, we know, sounds like a bog-standard rush hour commute. And it was, until:

So what was it that Susskind — who in 2016 featured on the Hottest Junior Barristers List — saw? Well:

Unfortunately for our unwitting soon-to-be sneezer, attempts to suppress the urge aren’t working. “He’s trying his best,” Susskind concedes, “but I can see that he is ultimately powerless. Like a gathering storm, the sneeze cannot be resisted. It is a force of nature.” The thread continues:

The teenager’s head jerking back and Angry Scouse Lady’s eyes widening, a deafening, powerful and, um, wet sneeze seems inevitable. But read on:

It’s a rollercoaster ride perhaps reminiscent of some of the employment, commercial and public disputes Susskind encounters in his practice, and it’s captured the attention of the public. Alongside tens of thousands of likes and retweets, the thread has attracted comments including “that really has made me cry with laughter” and “this has to be the tweet thread of the year so far“. Bravo, Susskind.

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