Littleton Chambers

About The Set

A first-rate set in the fields of employment and commercial law, Littleton has a highly-regarded roster of QCs and up-and-coming junior talent. Operating from a deceptively quaint corner of the Temple, Littleton is one of the bar’s more modern sets, with a senior management team running chambers business and members regularly appearing in the media to discuss high profile cases.

Littleton is also well-known for its specialisms in commercial fraud, financial services and insurance, disciplinary and regulatory, sports law, injunctions, mediation and arbitration.

What The Junior Barristers Say

Littleton Chambers splits its pupillage, training contract-style, into four parts, with pupils rotating between different supervisors every three months.

“It means that pupils are immersed in the work of different barristers working across chambers’ specialisms, particularly in employment and commercial litigation,” says Ashley Cukier, a junior barrister at Littleton and a member of the set’s pupillage committee.

Typical work for Littleton rookies includes drafting pleadings, legal research and attending conferences with their supervisors. This pretty quickly morphs, during the second-six, into appearing in court. “The opportunity to get on your feet in court is one of the big attractions of being a junior barrister here,” adds Cukier. “Very quickly you are doing real cases in employment tribunals or the County Courts and insolvency courts. That’s a massive opportunity for our pupils which might not always be available at other sets, where young barristers may not see a court door for some time.”

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Littleton has a policy of only offering pupillage to candidates on the basis of their ability, rather than to meet any short term work needs, so when it comes to tenancy there’s no battle between pupils to secure a finite number of places. “We only offer pupillage to pupils who we believe could become excellent tenants; and if they are good enough, they are taken on – it’s as simple as that,” says Cukier.

This may explain why the vibe among juniors is very friendly, with the social scene extending outside of work. “There’s fantastic camaraderie, particularly at the junior end,” reports Cukier, “we hang out with each other outside work, including, recently, at a few juniors’ weddings”. Socialising has this summer extended out on to Littleton’s new roof terrace – one of only two in the Temple – after renovation work was completed over the summer. Cukier notes: “The juniors have been congregating there for lunch and coffee when the sun is out. It’s a really lovely space and has become a bit of a focal point for members when wanting to take a short break from their desks.”

If taken on, baby juniors at Littleton are supported and mentored by more senior colleagues in those important first years of practice, and are encouraged to participate in chambers’ networking events and internal training sessions. Cukier explains: “Members’ doors are always open, and they will often go out of their way to help colleagues – whether it be on an difficult point of law, or the last-minute lending of a wig and gown”.

At the same time, members respect each other’s independence. The result is a “relaxed and unpretentious” atmosphere at Littleton: “No one is telling you how to work, or what to wear,” says Cukier. “Ultimately it’s up to you how you choose to curate your practice”

The young barrister is building a practice in various aspects of commercial law, including fraud, insolvency and sports law. Recent highlights include an appearance in the High Court as junior to Jonathan Cohen QC in a dispute over a commission payment for a $210 million Gauguin painting, and representing an international footballer in a dispute before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.



This is part of the pupillage selection process
Applications open 08/01/2018
Applications close 07/02/2018


Applications open 08/01/2018
Applications close 07/02/2018

Key Info

Juniors 44
QCs 12
Pupillages 2
Oxbridge-educated new tenants* 4/5

*Applies to the five most junior members of chambers; excludes postgraduate studies


Pupillage award £67,500
BPTC advance drawdown £15,000

Gender Diversity

Female juniors 23%
Female QCs 8%