Exclusive: Goldsmiths Uni launches law degree ahead of super-exam shake-up

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First cohort to start in Autumn 2019

Image credit: Goldsmiths, University of London

Goldsmiths, University of London is establishing an undergraduate law degree for the first time next year, Legal Cheek can reveal. The university’s foray into the highly-competitive LLB market comes just months after plans to radically overhaul legal education by introducing a new solicitor super-exam were offically given the go-ahead.

The uni says its new LLB offering will incorporate Solicitors Qualification Exam (SQE) content through a combination of specifically designed modules and specialist workshops.

For example, Legal Cheek understands that Goldsmiths’ aspiring lawyers will complete a module introducing them to practical legal skills such as advocacy and interview techniques, which it’s anticipated will form part of the more hands-on SQE2. SQE1 is expected to focus on black-letter law and may take the form of a computer-based, multiple-choice assessment.

Professor Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos, who heads up Goldsmiths’ new law faculty, told Legal Cheek:

“The introduction of a new LLB at this time of change for the legal profession, and our strong willingness to integrate theory into practice, has given us unique flexibility to embed fundamental aspects of the SQE1 and SQE2 provision into our degree.”

The uni’s first cohort of law students is scheduled to start in Autumn 2019.

Goldsmiths isn’t, however, the first university to go public with its plans to incorporate SQE content into its undergraduate offering: London South Bank University (LSBU), The University of Law (ULaw) and BPP University Law School, revealed similar moves in May.

The 2018 LPC Most List

LSBU revealed to us that it’s planning to teach an “SQE-facing” law degree using super-exam-style multiple-choice questions to test students’ knowledge in a legal practice context. Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Legal Cheek, ULaw’s head-honcho Peter Crisp confirmed it will be creating an undergraduate law degree that is SQE compliant. BPP, which suspended its undergrad offering earlier this summer, also indicated it will create a super-exam focused LLB.

Despite the SQE receiving the provisional go-ahead by the Legal Services Board (LSB) earlier this year, exclusive research undertaken by Legal Cheek showed that more than half law students and lawyers are unhappy about the impending shake-up to legal education. Of the 600 who responded to our poll, a whopping 57% said the new super exam is a bad idea.

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Just what the world needs






I am launching an LLB programme from my bedroom. It will incorporate elements of the SQE through a combination of specifically designed physical assaults and specialist binge-drinking sessions.


Jones Day Partner

Do you need a corporate sponsor? Let’s talk.


Corbyn. Sympathiser

Trumpenkrieg’s mum runs a business from her bedroom too.



Surely you mean “choad”, moron.


Irwin Mitchell Trainee

Digestives? Where



How can I apply please?



We need a second referendum. We also need a second semi final game against Croatia.


Recruiting Snob

Another sh*t hole offering the LLB. I fully expect grads from this program to put LLB – University of London on their CVs as most underachieving non-LSE/UCL/KCL c#nts tend to these days. We know where A*AA gets you, and we also know where ABBC gets you, so don’t think you are fooling anyone.



>Putting KCL at the same level as LSE and UCL.



English speaker

Maybe you should re-read the OP. Describing Man City and Burnley as Premier League teams doesn’t mean they are the same. Man City is still the superior team. Not difficult to comprehend really.


"underachieving non-LSE/UCL/KCL c#nt", now at US $190k firm

Funny that.


Hardcore Lawbrah

Hear hear. Dozens of competent professionals in top US firms who did not study at LSE/UCL. As a matter of fact, I find the ‘worse’ the university, the hungrier the candidates.

Some of these ex-poly graduates are absolute savage hustlers, willing to work until they bleed to achieve. Not like some silver spoon fed fggt from UCL with no personality and limited banter



Which uni?



Is there going to be a module on racism law and diversity law? Is feminist legal analysis a mandatory modulr?



For ffs multiple choice questions? What happened to essays (coursework and exams)? 9 grand for this garbage low tier uni with no history, it’s going to fail miserably just like the previous uni this person was at. This is taking the piss.

Kids don’t go here, your voice won’t be heard.



I’m sure Oxford, Cambridge and Durham are quivering in the boots now that the titans Goldsmiths Uni have entered the law school arena



How you know you’ve met a Durham grad..



ROFL my thoughts exactly.



How you know you’ve met a Goldsmiths grad…



Goldsmiths? There’s nothing Gold about getting a degree from thera…



Crap degree from crap uni lmaoo

inb4 “goldsmiths has a long and proud tradition in teaching theatre and music law reee”


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