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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The Secret Barrister hammers the Daily Mail over its ‘rank amateur tabloid hackery’ [Twitter]

Privilege and the criminal bar [Counsel of Perfection]

EU citizens’ rights ignored in first batch of government ‘no deal’ plans [Free Movement]

How to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal []

Riverviewey [LBC Wise Counsel]

Squalid prisons are just the start. The entire justice system is in meltdown [The Guardian]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Legal bloggers to be given access to family courts [Transparency Project]

Asons — the never-ending saga [Legal Futures]

When service charges become indisputable [Nearly Legal]

EUIPO publishes 436 page survey on pre-Directive EU trade secrets protection [The IPKat]

The problem with policing prostitution [Legal Cheek Journal]

“The BPTC fundamentally doesn’t prepare anyone for the job a barrister does. The inability to recite the CPR and CrimPR verbatim is not a bar to success as an advocate. However, they already remedied this with the multiple choice exams. As unfortunate as it is, under the current system anything which increases the BPTC pass rate will make attaining a pupilage more difficult.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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Corporate greed must end! Law firms and banks are full of metropolitan elites who need discpline! Zionists lack a sense of irony!

We need socialism!

Owen Jones is right!

For the many, not the few!



Corporates are probably the only thing keeping this country afloat at the moment. With fools like Corbyn going against the peoples vote, it’s divisive and makes a mockery of our country.

Don’t punish companies for being successful. Reward them and a successful economy will reward us.

This country can and will be great again. So get in line and get behind it. If you don’t like it, emigrate.



Why do you keep posting this?



Hard week for content given that RoF is on a week’s break?


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