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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Justice for all? Inside the legal aid crisis [Financial Times] (registration required)

Luxembourg court to be asked if the UK can cancel Brexit [Free Movement]

Is the introduction of a bill to tackle online hate crime necessary? [Legal Cheek Journal]

Around the IP Blogs! [The IPKat]

Technology, the new recruit: how tech can improve your recruitment capability [LexisNexis Future of Law blog]

Consultation on Advocates’ Graduated Fee Scheme [A view from the North]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Are lawyers really a dying breed? [Above The Law]

Titanium Theresa has been forged from the fires of Salzburg. The lady is not for burning [Jerry Hayes blog]

David Allen Green: Why Thatcher’s Bruges speech was not a first step towards Brexit [Financial Times] (registration required)

A criminal investigation into the Ministry Of Justice has been dropped and legal experts are not happy [BuzzFeed]

Why embracing technology is the key to longevity [Legal Futures]

“The Bar Council seems to think adding more deckchairs will solve the problem of insufficient lifeboats.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Events events events! [Legal Cheek Hub]

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