12 Christmas struggles only a law student will understand

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By Aishah Hussain on

Fa la la la la, la la la LAW ?

It’s that time of year again. The tree is up, the lights are on and the halls have been decked with holly. ‘Tis the season to be jolly — but not if you’re a law student. Behold, the struggles you’ll face as you battle your way through the Christmas break.

1. Revision

The work doesn’t stop for law students over the Christmas period, with exams conveniently set for as soon as you return in January.

2. Playing Christmas catch-up

You know all those times you’ve been telling yourself you’ll just catch-up over Crimbo break? Yep, that time is now, and those re-runs of Home Alone will probably have to wait.

3. Vac scheme apps

Christmas, they say, is a time to kick your feet up and relax — but not for wannabe lawyers. Winter vac scheme deadline day has just passed, and now it’s time to focus on the next seasonal round. What holiday? #unhappyholidays

4. Work experience

Got to get those mini-pupillages in before the Gateway re-opens!

5. Packing

The time has come to lug home Gravells’ Land Law, Anson’s and other assorted legal tomes.

The 2019 LPC Most List

6. Small talk over turkey

Guaranteed you won’t be smiling like one of Santa’s elves when you’re asked, “How can you defend someone who you know is guilty?” for the umpteenth time around the dinner table.

7. A bleak 2019?

With Brexit on the cards and continued uncertainty surrounding the new super-exam, the profession you aspire to join seems to be crumbling.

8. Gifting

Poor law students

How are you supposed to afford Xmas pressies and save for the LPC?

9. Festive decor

You haven’t found the time to erect an Xmas tree yet and have probably considered stacking a law book one. But then how will you study?

10. Writing Christmas cards

Christmas card law student

They can be so imprecise!

11. Christmas cold

So, this might affect everyone… but law students simply do not have the time to be sneezing, coughing and spluttering over their notes when deadlines are looming. And no, a carbolic smoke ball probably won’t cure your cold.

12. Why law?

With reading lists longer than Santa’s naughty list, you’ll question why you didn’t do a geography degree.

Merry Christmas! ??

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