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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

There is a bigger Brexit issue than the backstop [David Allen Green’s FT blog] (Free but registration required)

Here is the Attorney General’s legal advice on the Brexit deal [Twitter]

Guest Post: Tommy Robinson tells you what the MSM covers up [Barrister Blogger]

The assignment (or novation) of CFAS: Boxing promoter’s appeal suffers knockout blow before a punch was thrown [Civil Litigation Brief]

143-day average waiting times for detained asylum seekers — another unlawful system? [Free Movement]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

‘Baby you can drive my car’ period is over. Welcome the self-driving vehicles [The IPKat]

A missed opportunity [The Tartan Con]

Case Law: Economou v de Freitas, Court of Appeal guidance on ‘public interest’ defence — Dominic Garner [Inforrm’s Blog]

‘Trash to 10/10 in 1 week’ — Future Linklaters’ trainee Eve Cornwell’s latest video [YouTube]

Has much changed since GDPR Day? [Legal Futures]

Assisted dying: Will the UK ever alter the law? [Legal Cheek Journal]

“Some chambers might reduce the number of pupillages they can offer. They might have to take two pupils for £36k (at £18k per pupil) rather than 3 pupils for £36k (at £12k per pupil).” [Legal Cheek comments]

Jobs jobs jobs! [Legal Cheek Hub]

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