First legal market shake-up of 2019 sees Gordon Dadds and Ince & Co complete merger

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But most overseas offices not included

London law firm

Commercial law firm Gordon Dadds has pulled off its merger with Ince & Co. The two medium-sized firms confirmed on 2 January that their tie-up, first announced in September, has now been completed, with Gordon Dadds paying £27.3 million for the old-school shipping specialist. The new firm, boasting 100 partners across nine offices, will trade as Ince Gordon Dadds.

The deal was originally thought to be worth £43 million, giving the combined outfit a presence in 14 cities. But while Ince & Co’s Chinese branches have been included in the package, other international offices in Germany, Greece, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong are not, although they will remain affiliated to the new firm. Gordon Dadds said that “the international offices of Ince International are not being acquired but have agreed to enter into new network arrangements and will continue to trade as Ince & Co”.

The new website of Ince Gordon Dadds does not mention the former offices in Paris, Le Havre, Marseille or Monaco at all.

The 2019 Firms Most List

Ince & Co had been struggling in recent years and announced redundancies in June, with some incoming trainees handed £7,000 to defer their start date by a year.

Provisional financial results for pre-merger Gordon Dadds covering the six months to the end of September 2018 showed the firm boosting revenue by 56% and operating profit by 23%.

Gordon Dadds was one of the first law firms to float itself on the stock exchange, becoming publicly listed rather than a traditional private partnership in 2017.

It found itself dragged into a #MeToo row last year after it emerged that the firm retained Peter Hain, the peer who defied a High Court injunction against The Telegraph. Hain’s use of parliamentary privilege to name Sir Philip Green as the subject of bullying and sexual harassment complaints proved controversial, since Gordon Dadds was acting for The Telegraph in the paper’s efforts to out Green.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has confirmed that it has opened eight separate investigations into firms which have drawn up non-disclosure agreements like those used by Green. Labour MP Jess Phillips has reportedly written to the SRA to demand that DAC Beachcroft be added to the list of firms being investigated.



As an aside, with all the #MeToo stuff going on last year, it’s funny how all the stories about Sir Phallus Green’s professional and personal misconduct haven’t continued to be run as revelations are made. Must have cost him a fair bit to get that done!



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Ince Ladds

There’s nobody left at Inces. Gordon Ladds must’ve acquired three secretaries and a houseplant, if that.


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Gordon Ladds more like. Top firm top pay top work top clients top colleagues mad bantz all round. Inces are lucky we were interested. Peng



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What would you do as a newly minted corporate nq at Ince?


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Surprised that this story makes no mention of the fact that Ince was sold as a pre-pack administration.



That would require journalism.



“Peter Rogan, the chairman of Ince & Co, with Adrian Biles, chief executive of Gordon Dadds”

Look at those wide, toothy grins. The good old boys must be laughing all the way back to their BMWs and Surrey mansions. Who cares that the shop was flogged off for crumbs and staff was laid off.



The fact Inces was acquired as a pre-pack does not reflect well on either party. Quite a few unsecured creditors and a costly office move (which apparently saved money on the old lease at Katherine Docks) – not sure there’s the money for Gordons, Special Brew all round.


Two Dads Dadds

Extraordinary that the article does not mention that Ince & Co has gone into administration!



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“Ince was in merger talks with two other firms before discussions with Gordon Dadds bore fruit, RollOnFriday understands. There were signs it needed one. It was RollOnFriday’s Firm of the Year twice in a row in 2012 and 2013 (“Every day we ride on golden unicorns…I love my job”, a lawyer told us back then). But it has slipped down the rankings ever since against a tumultuous background of redundancies and departures, including the sudden step-down and relocation to Hong Kong of senior partner Jan Heuvels. 2016: “as for the unicorn, it was violently fisted before being sold on to the glue factory to help recoup operational cost”.”


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