Queen of legal YouTube starts LPC

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Eve Cornwell takes hit vlog to law school

YouTube Linklaters law student
Eve Cornwell – image credit: @Evecornwell (Twitter)

YouTube sensation and future magic circle trainee Eve Cornwell has become the first vlogging celeb to begin the Legal Practice Course (LPC), and has dropped a new video to mark the occasion.

The University of Bristol law grad, whose channel boasts over 90,000 YouTube subscribers and a total of 4 million views, started an accelerated version of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the University of Law’s Moorgate campus yesterday. Cornwell, who has a training contract lined up with Linklaters, moved to London from Chester on New Year’s Day to start the course.

As if things weren’t busy enough for the bright-eyed LPCer, she has also filmed a law school prep vid. The new offering (embedded below) has already garnered over 55,000 views and shows the future magic circle trainee being highly productive as she gives viewers a glimpse into how she studies:

“I want you guys to feel like we’re in this together… We’re both becoming a lawyer — well, I’m technically becoming a lawyer, but you could as well! If you’re not interested, you can just watch me do it and feed me coffee!”

After a brief intro to what the LPC is — “it’s the course that you need to complete in order to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales” — and a run-down of what it entails, Cornwell shares her to-do list with viewers before filming herself getting stuck in and completing the various tasks. “The most satisfying thing ever is ticking things off a to-do list,” says the future Links rookie, who is due to start her training contract in September.

This isn’t the first law-themed vid Cornwell has dropped. In a video published last November, the star revealed how she secured a training contract at a magic circle law firm. “It’s a process of building your CV and building your experiences so that you enter the application as a really competitive and strong graduate,” she tells viewers.

Some of Cornwell’s clips, however, are just for bants. In one video the future lawyer — who has completed vacation schemes at Latham & Watkins and CMSparodies Ariana Grande’s thank u, next music video and charts her tempestuous relationship with law school.

You can follow Cornwell’s journey as she embarks on the LPC via her YouTube channel, as well as her Instagram and Twitter pages.






LC you forgot to lock the comments



“Some of Cornwell’s clips, however, are just for bants”

Seems like LC is just for bants nowadays, complete joke.



Cue LC deleting comments in …3…2…1…



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Honestly – very good for her for securing a TC with Linklaters, well done and good luck to her.
That she has a youtube channel that with these many subscriptions gives her extra pocket money and is clearly her hobby? Again – great for her.

However, what I do not understand, is how the heck she gets so much airtime on LC? So many interesting stories to cover and yet here we are, reading again about a youtube vlogger….

Really, Legal Cheek?

In the past I was reluctant to share some harsh views regarding this website, but right now these sort of pointless articles seem to be on constant roll whereas worthwhile pieces are rare objects.



Legal cheek: iTs NoT a pOinTleSs aRtiCLe



“This isn’t the first law-themed vid Cornwell has dropped…”

We know. You tell us every time she posts a new video.



Bring back Lord Harley.



Hi future trainee at Linklaters!



Alex is deleting comments again.



Why is it that the only people that comment on this website are the ones with negative things to say?

Good luck to her. She’s clearly keen to do well on her LPC and I’m sure she will do well when she starts her training contract.



Hi Eve!



Go Eve! Treading paths which have never been trodden by law students before. I’ll be watching her videos to keep up with her journey.



Yeah a new path, because she is the first law student to ever do the LPC. Idiot.



issa troll



Hahahaha hilarious



We’ve all heard of Twitch thots, but legal thots are a whole new thing. Welcome to 2019.


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