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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Don’t let the Jack Shepherd stories on legal aid distract you from the government’s cynical agenda [The Secret Barrister]

Arrogant, rude, sexist (and at times barely literate): The Ministry of Justice — we all deserve much, much better [Civil Litigation Brief]

Can the government use the royal prerogative to extend Article 50? [UK Constitutional Law Association]

Passing The Brief: Sarah Vine interviews Julia Smart [Counsel Magazine]

A new year’s resolution for the legal profession: to look like the country it serves [The New Statesman]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Britain’s justice system close to meltdown with judges ‘in despair at what they face’ [Daily Star]

‘There is a clear connection between unresolved legal problems and ill health’ [Justice Gap]

11 times John Bercow did care about Parliamentary precedent [The Spectator]

The coming of the age of AI in the law [Legal Cheek Journal]

“I work in a manic chambers. Internal communications are one of the biggest issues we’re facing. The way our chambers used to email — non-stop chains, unimportant announcements and request from solicitors at ungodly hours.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Event: The battle for high margin work: why US law firms in London keep winning market share — with Shearman & Sterling [iamgoing]

Jobs jobs jobs! [Legal Cheek Hub]

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Strange that the author of the piece in the Civil Litigation Brief denounces the MoJ as sexist without knowing the gender of the person making the comments about the journalist.



We want Harley bantZ!


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