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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Don’t let the Jack Shepherd stories on legal aid distract you from the government’s cynical agenda [The Secret Barrister]

Arrogant, rude, sexist (and at times barely literate): The Ministry of Justice — we all deserve much, much better [Civil Litigation Brief]

Can the government use the royal prerogative to extend Article 50? [UK Constitutional Law Association]

Passing The Brief: Sarah Vine interviews Julia Smart [Counsel Magazine]

A new year’s resolution for the legal profession: to look like the country it serves [The New Statesman]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Britain’s justice system close to meltdown with judges ‘in despair at what they face’ [Daily Star]

‘There is a clear connection between unresolved legal problems and ill health’ [Justice Gap]

11 times John Bercow did care about Parliamentary precedent [The Spectator]

The coming of the age of AI in the law [Legal Cheek Journal]

“I work in a manic chambers. Internal communications are one of the biggest issues we’re facing. The way our chambers used to email — non-stop chains, unimportant announcements and request from solicitors at ungodly hours.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Event: The battle for high margin work: why US law firms in London keep winning market share — with Shearman & Sterling [iamgoing]

Jobs jobs jobs! [Legal Cheek Hub]

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