Vlogging future magic circle trainee reveals how she overcame rejection

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Eve Cornwell joins fellow YouTube stars in new podcast

Eve Cornwell – image credit: @evecornwell (Instagram)

Future Linklaters trainee and Youtube vlogger Eve Cornwell opens up about experiencing rejection in a new podcast.

‘The Wooden Spoon’ podcast sees Cornwell team up with fellow YouTube stars and student lifestyle and study tip gurus, Jack Edwards, Ruby Granger and UnJaded Jade (who boast a whopping 826,000 subscribers between them), to reveal how they overcame university rejection woes and personal failure.

In the first episode, ‘Sorry your application was unsuccessful’, the Bristol Uni law grad recalls facing rejection while applying for internships and open days during her first year. When reflecting on her previous unsuccessful applications, the YouTuber quips: “I read my applications and I’m like, ‘Who is she?!’”

But experiencing rejection spurred her on. “All of my motivation in the later years of my university came from me being like, ‘I’m going to prove them wrong’”, she reveals. Indeed, it was during this time that Cornwell received a training contract offer from magic circle player Linklaters.

Although Cornwell understands rejection may take a while to “mentally process”, she advises listeners to request feedback to learn from any mishaps. “You shouldn’t take it too much to heart because every single thing that they said will probably be true even if it at the time you don’t want to accept the fact that, you know, maybe you’re too this, maybe you’re too that. But it will give you so much power to turn around and be like, ‘I can do this, I’m a badass'”, says Cornwell, who is currently completing the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and is due to start her training contract in September.

When faced with rejection, Cornwell thinks it’s an opportunity to reflect on whether that path is the “right opportunity for you”. She recalls being caught up in a “whirlwind” over her first university choice, having been fixated on its ranking and prestige. But it was only after she failed to secure the right grades that she realised her back up choice, the University of Bristol, was far more suited to her.

Cornwell announced her participation in ‘The Wooden Spoon’ podcast to her 33,600 followers on Instagram last Thursday.

Explaining the initiative behind the new series, she wrote:

“Did you know that traditionally, a wooden spoon is given to the person who comes last in a running race. We talk about how THAT wooden spoon, or those ‘failures’ in life, can become your most valuable assets. Life isn’t defined by grades, it’s about living a successful life UNIQUE TO YOU and conquering your own goals and achievements.”

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify.



Fucking yawn.



Someone recruit this individual.






Oh ffs. Here we go again.



Honestly, she got a TC at MC firm whilst still doing her degree. This becomes a very rare thing nowadays. Most of trainees from my intake had at least one year experience as paralegal or in any other job. Some went to do LLM.
Mind you, nearly all of us went to top RG universities and yet we struggled.

You want to talk about overcoming rejections? Talk to people who actually spend a few years before landing their TC. Let students learn from their mistakes and discuss what they had to change in their applications to make them stand out from the crowd.

Instead, we have a girl here who probably send 20 applications and was lucky to get a significant number of responses.
Yes, that is very admirable and all but is she in a position to really discuss rejections? I do not think so.



Ahh hello, Eve. It’s been so long and I have really missed you gracing my screen. What a pleasure it is to have yet another article about you.



Imagine taking life advice from an LPC student…



Is getting a legal training contract really that big of a deal?

It’s competitive, yes, but thousands do it every year. Is it any more competitive than other reputable/well-remunerated professional industries?

I just find the notion that getting an entry level job in a law firm makes you some sort of lifestyle guru faintly ridiculous. Future trainees need to give it a rest with the incessant (and largely unsolicited) advice and tips. Getting a training contract doesn’t make you Paul McKenna. You have a good job lined up, congratulations, now get over it and study for your LPC without making such a silly fanfare.



eve cornwell breathes and legal cheek is on it like a pigeon on a chip



Good on them for having an open discussion about something other than success. Social media is plagued with people flaunting their achievements. Content that is focused on the reality of searching for graduate positions will alleviate the feeling of worthlessness and isolation that most students suffer.



Is this the 6th or 7th time legal cheek featured her.




Is it that bad at Links? I’ve heard quite a few people saying it didn’t have a great atmosphere, albeit with great training, in several countries no less.



It seems LC is taking a more proactive stance to protect their sponsors. One only has to loon at the fact they completely disabled commentaries when discussing the Links scandal about women in Australia (?) recently.



Go Eve! I can’t wait for episode two <3


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