Meet the mysterious ‘life hack’ law student who has racked up 13 million views on YouTube

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Vlogger chooses not to disclose identity online over fears of jeopardising future legal career

📷 WaysToStudy (YouTube)

An anonymous undergraduate law student is the latest legally-minded vlogger to take to YouTube.

The YouTuber, who goes by the name, ‘Rose’, is the brains behind WaysToStudy, a popular channel on the video sharing website where she divulges student study tips and productivity life hacks to her 427,000 subscribers.

In one of her most viewed clips (915,000 out of her 13 million total views, and embedded below), the vlogger gives viewers a glimpse into her morning routine which involves waking up “as early as possible”, trawling through social media and catching up with schoolwork before heading off to law school. If viewers are left wondering what Rose gets up to upon returning home, there’s also an ‘after school’ offering.

In another video snippet (below), Rose shares her study routine from the first day of term until exam day. Viewers can watch the law student type up lecture notes, flick through textbooks and take notes with an assortment of highlighters. Other highlight clips include: how to speed-read, coping with deadlines and mock trial stress, and law student essential supplies — sticky notes and colourful pens galore!

It’s not just YouTube where Rose has a significant online presence. The law student also has an Instagram page, @WaysToStudy, which boasts 227,000 followers and is jam-packed with aesthetically pleasing study snaps captioned with tips to boost productivity. One pic (embedded below) shows what appears to be law books stacked high — an image most law students will be familiar with.

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Time is ticking…⏱ I only have 3 days left (including today) to prepare myself for my exam period. On Monday and Tuesday the REAL studying starts because my first exam is on Wednesday. I’m stressed out & nervous but I am doing my best to get through all the study material (look at the pile of books in the picture: that is 75% of everything I need to remember for the exams this semester 😫) . Don’t take it personal if I don’t answer your DM. I try to answer as many as I can between the work I am doing but I can’t answer all of them bc I have exams. I do answer all of my comments (most of the time) so please just leave a comment if you want to ask something. How are you doing today? Are you just as stressed out as I am? 😛

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So who is Rose? Unlike many online influencers gracing our screens, the mysterious YouTuber has chosen to remain anonymous. She has taken to her blog to explain why:

“I want to become a professor in a university or a judge in a high court like the International Court of Justice… and those people need to be taken seriously when they are going to work.”

Continuing, the anonymous blogger, who has plans to complete a master’s in international and European law, writes: “I know I have to work hard for that but it’s going to be worth it, because it’s my dream. To fulfil that dream, it is important to me to stay anonymous on YouTube, Instagram and [her blog]. I often get the question why I am never showing my face. It’s not out of insecurity but it’s a decision I made for myself when I started doing this… I want to be taken seriously by my future boss or the people when I am taking decisions for them as a judge or the students I am teaching our legal system and it’s values. I want those people to respect me when I am practising my job, and in my opinion that is not possible when my face, identity and personal life is all over the internet.”

It’s no wonder why Legal Cheek couldn’t verify her background. Conflicting reports suggest the law student is about 21-years-old and in the final year of her undergraduate degree. Though we do know she is based in the Netherlands, it is not clear exactly which institution she is studying at.

When we reached out to the mystery law student, she did have this to say:

“I started my YouTube channel as a way to visualise the tips and tricks I learned from my own experience as a law student at a university. In the future I would like to focus more on helping and inspiring students even though it might be hard to combine being a judge/professor with managing a business.”

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PJ is going down, cellmates with Aaron Singerman, it’s so sickening.

Attorney Scott Miller

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Legal Cheek, the only thing that was ever interesting or informative about your website was the comments section. Yes, we teased you about the content of your articles, but it was all tongue in cheek. We realised how hard it must have been to continue writing stories when there was virtually no news to write about.

Now that you indiscriminately purge the comments section of anything which is even remotely funny or interesting, you are simply nothing more than a boring website with boring, repetitive content.



Going on instagram to find tips on how to boost productivity? Hmmm



Not showing her face…..boss move!



tin foil hat but they have more followers than any of the people combined nominated for your award on social media tonight. surely begs the question do you just find the nominees hot and need an excuse to have them in the same vinicity as you?



At least she’s done the decent thing and remained anonymous – There’s nothing worse than the self-promoting influencer wannabes, who have become so ten-a-penny that surely most firms are sick to the back teeth of them.



Why on earth would you follow study tips from someone when you don’t know how well they’re performing or what their end result was?! Madness.



Also, when I was in law school I literally barely studied anything, I just read the text book the night before and the exams went fine, this is all so extra



‘when I was in law school I literally barely studied anything’

Yet here you are in the middle of the afternoon on Legal Cheek. Who’d a thunk it?


Pro Choice

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The comments were written in response to a poster who said no fetus should be aborted at 12 weeks or more.

That poster is entitled to their view. So am I entitled to my entirely non-controversial view.


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Totally agree mate. I think anything up to 12 months (post birth) is fair game. Genuine. Things can barely even think up until that age.



Anonymous Mar 21 6:05pm

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Very Confused

You should have saved this for April 1st.

‘On Monday and Tuesday the REAL studying starts because my first exam is on Wednesday,’ and her morning routine involves trawling through social media. What kind of lunatic takes ‘study tips and productivity life hacks’ from this person?

She reckons on becoming a judge in the International Court of Justice or a university professor. Why these particularly, because of the fundamental similarities in their job descriptions?

Actually you answered the first question: viewers can watch the law student type up lecture notes, flick through textbooks and take notes with an assortment of highlighters. Ground breaking stuff.


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