Cambridge Uni law vlogger discusses lectures, 5am starts and why she rejected Princeton

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She’s closing in on a quarter of a million views on YouTube

📸 Elena Handtrack

University of Cambridge’s Elena Handtrack is the latest vlogger to offer viewers a glimpse into the life of a busy law student.

Prior to joining Cambridge, Handtrack relocated from her native Germany to a boarding school in Hong Kong, and initially started vlogging in a bid to help guide and inform other future boarding school-goers. “I wanted to share what my dorm room at boarding school looked like because this was something I had wanted to know before going,” the vlogger tells Legal Cheek.

Now in her first year at the elite university, Handtrack’s Youtube channel, which boasts over 3,700 subscribers and nearly 240,000 total views, has developed beyond boarding school pointers, and now offers a unique into her hectic legal life.

In her latest video (embedded below), featuring a Q&A between Handtrack and her classmates, she reveals that law students are expected to put in around 40 hours a week of independent study. This on top of the 13 hours spent each week in lectures and seminars.

Comparing her law degree to a “full-time job”, Handtrack stresses the importance of good time management. In one video we learn that she begins every her day at 5am, splashes her face with cleansing water, has a quick scan of the New York Times, and squeezes in a quick study-sesh before heading off for breakfast and lectures.

In another video offering, the Cambridge undergrad explains how she manages her hectic schedule using Apple calendars and organised to-do lists. Having both, she says, allows her to track habits: “Did you go to bed at the time you wanted to? Did you get up when you were supposed to? Did you finish all the to-dos on your to-do list?”.

Viewers also learn that Handtrack once turned down an offer to study at Princeton. Despite receiving an offer from Ivy League university, the inability to study law at undergraduate level, greater tuition fees and dorm bathrooms shared between 20-30 people, saw Handtrack eventually select Cambridge.

Looking ahead, the vlogger tells Legal Cheek:

“I hope that I will keep my amazingly supportive audience and that they continue to find my videos helpful, entertaining or inspiring.”

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legal cheek could we cover something like actual legal news or some cases that aren’t just Brexit cases oh no they can’t hear us they’ve got airpods in no legal cheek



She’s so sweet!



‘boasts over 3,700 subscribers’




This site is going to hell in a hand track.



The only thing that was ever good about this website was the comments. Now LC just purges all the interesting, cheeky, funny and informative ones if they so much as allude to a real firm or, *gasp*, are mildly offensive.


An Oxbridge grad

Can Oxbridge first years stop trying to make us believe they work that hard? Everyone knows this is either false or she has terrible time management skills.


WTF is this




This would be more persuasive if it wasn’t written on a site that is only read by people wasting time in front of a sceen.


Bang Bros

The first video with the four of them started promisingly but lost its way.



Please no more vloggers



Articles like this are why people make fun of Legal Cheek.



I hate to be pedantic, but articles like this are one of the many reasons why people make fun of Legal Cheek.


Enjoyed ma lyfe, got a TC anyway

imagine having this shit of a time at Uni :/

5am in leeds we would often be leaving canal mills or beaverworks to head for the afters

genuinely don’t think these obsessive oxbridge types realise how removed they are from normal people their age and what they miss out on



Title: “got a TC”
Second line: “in leeds”

I call bs because of that inconsistency.


Steven Seagull

A scan of the the New York Times?

She needs to find something better to read.


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