BARBRI teams up with KCL to offer New York and California bar course

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Global legal education provider to teach out of London’s Dickson Poon School of Law from September

📸 Credit – King’s College London

Law graduates and UK qualified lawyers will soon be able to study for the New York or California state bar exam at King’s College London (KCL), thanks to a new tie-up between the Russell Group uni’s law school and legal education provider BARBRI International.

From September, BARBRI’s bar preparation programme will be taught out of The Dickson Poon School of Law, having previously operated from the University of Liverpool’s London campus in Finsbury Square.

The ten-month prep course combines classroom and online learning and sees each aspiring lawyer assigned their own personal study mentor, who themselves will be a US qualified attorney. The first cohort will work towards sitting the US bar exam in July 2020.

“We’re operating within an increasingly global legal landscape presenting a tremendous opportunity for lawyers dual-qualified in the US and UK,” said Sarah Hutchinson, managing director of BARBRI. “We’re very pleased to partner with a university of such standing as King’s in a collaboration that will enable international graduates and lawyers to achieve their career aspirations to become a US licenced attorney and take advantage of the global opportunities.”

As part of the new arrangement, KCL students and alumni will receive a 20% discount on course fees.

Commenting on the new deal, Professor Gillian Douglas, executive dean of The Dickson Poon School of Law, added: “Preparing students for global practice is a key component of the School’s education priorities and reflects the ambitions of our world-class students.”

The partnership comes almost a year after BARBRI struck a similar deal with Durham University, which sees teaching take place at weekends to enable students to complete the course while studying for their law degree.

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The DICKSON POON School of Law


Hope that’s in big letters on all the graduation certificates



Why is KCL’s law school viewed so negatively?

Some people are comparing it law schools of unis such as Reading, UEA and Sheffield… how is this possible lol?



I can’t see what people’s problem with it is!



It’s a slightly rude name if you read it right



The name as the word dick and poo in it



Dicks. On. Poon.



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A genuine question: how useful is the American (especially the NY) qualification for junior solicitors wishing to join US firms in London?

Is having the NY Bar something which is looked favourably and as an “added bonus” when recruiting potential candidates?

Thanks! 🙂


US firm NQ

Really depends. In smaller US firms most of lawyers would be NY qualified, so may help there.

Larger US firms like Lathams or W&C London offices are more similar to the UK firms, with vast majority of people being solicitors (though there are groups of NY qualified people in groups like capital markets and banking). Doubt will make a big difference there.



It’s a good question. At the top shops (Kirkland, Skadden, Fieldfisher) it can certainly make a difference – bear in mind you’re up against people with Russell Group / Oxbridge firsts and loads of vac schemes.

But at the top, top, titanic shops (Greenberg, Glusker, LLP) it won’t cut the mustard. It won’t even open the mustard jar. You need something truly special. We’re talking Olympic bronze medals + (and not in fake sports like curling or the one where the horse jumps up and down), we’re talking Purple Hearts, we’re talking cameos in Ariana Grande music videos, we’re talking tours of duty fighting IS in Kurdistan. Do that, and you may become a titan, my friend.



Slight improvement. 4/10.



By what right does the sheep judge the titan?

Go back to your LPC textbooks and let me know when you are voted M&A partner of the year seven years running by the Electorate of Württemberg.



Reasonable attempt – use of some imagination. Overall meme still tired. 3.5/10.


A lad at our shop recently completed the American bar exam. No intention of practicing there and does knock around insurance files. Suspect many do the course and never step foot in an American court room. I blame Suits.



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A completely useless qualification to have this side of the Atlantic.



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Harry Street

Nigel Savage provided strategic consultancy advice to KCL. BARBRI is run by his partner Sarah Hutchinson


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