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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Sometimes it’s right for the police to examine complainants’ phones. It’s called investigation [Barrister Blogger]

The truth laid bare — mobile phones and sexual offences [Counsel of Perfection]

As a QC, I believe the time has come to legalise drugs [The Spectator]

Julian Assange: Bail Act offence, sentencing remarks of HHJ Deborah Taylor at Southwark Crown Court []

Lawyers, deadlines and procrastination: how do you deal with it? [Civil Litigation Brief]

Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence? [Legal Cheek Journal]

David Allen Green: Zombies and Brexit [The Law and Policy Blog]

Sean Jones QC: Brexiters, Elites and the death of the Irish joke [Medium]

Remind me why I do this job again? [Lucy Reed on Twitter]

How to get into law as a career changer — with Shearman & Sterling, Irwin Mitchell, 2 Temple Gardens and ULaw [Legal Cheek Hub]

“As a magistrate, hugely worry she continues to use the word victim, in circumstances where prosecuting counsel has corrected her as to the facts of the case being dropped” [Legal Cheek comments]

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It is avery nice contribution for lawyers who are actively making their own effort for the protection of fundamental rights recognized in many international bill of rights…keep on making such effort for more law and order to be observed in any part of the world….


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