White & Case posts 89% autumn trainee retention score

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16 out of 18

The London office of White & Case has confirmed an autumn retention score of 89%.

Of the 18 trainees to qualify this September, 16 have secured associate positions at the New York-headquartered outfit. The firm made 16 offers.

The newly qualified (NQ) lawyers, who start on a salary of £105,000, join practices including antitrust/competition, asset finance, banking, capital markets, commercial litigation, international arbitration, mergers & acquisitions and project development and finance.

“With continuing strong client demand for English law services in London and across our offices globally, the business need for English law qualified lawyers continues to increase despite ongoing economic and political uncertainties, including Brexit”, said partner Inigo Esteve, who heads the trainee solicitor programme in London.

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In the previous three retention rounds, the 44-office-firm has posted results of 75% (12 out of 16), 84% (21 out of 25) and 81% (13 out of 16).

Melissa Butler, White & Case office executive partner in London, added: “White & Case trainees join a firm with a reputation for supporting its lawyers throughout their careers and a strong track record of internal promotions to partner.”

The solid retention result comes just weeks after White & Case, which dishes out around 50 training contracts each year, bumped the salaries of trainees by as much as 6%. Rookies now earn £48,000 in year one, rising to £53,000 in year two.

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We simply do not care.


1. Random request for NQ salary at obscure US firm

2. Essex paralegal pretending to be a lawyer at Kirkland boasting about how much he earns

3. Mad Gammon complaining that their mad racist comment was deleted

4. Someone criticising another firm’s quality of work

5. Eve Cornwell

You can close the comments now LC, I think I’ve covered everything.


Top bantz my good boy, 10/10.


6. Communistic rantings


7. The stupid Corbyn “tax the greed” rant


Why is W &C NQ rate so low in comparison to other US firms?


Low? Just two NQs (who didn’t receive offers) left. Also W&C trainee intake is much higher than most US firms in the City.


89% is low compared to the near 100% average elsewhere. Don’t get so defensive you daft pr*ck.

Daft pr*ck

“Don’t get so defensive you daft pr*ck”

¯\ _(ツ)_/¯


Why do W&C not pay more?


Because they don’t need to in order to retain the staff their business requires .


Coz they be supa shet


What do Pillsbury pay in London? Aviation finance job going.


A couple of packets of Monster Munch and a can of Lilt.


Please. As a lawyer or future lawyer do not just say “Monster Munch” without specifying the flavour.

Personally, Flamin’ Hot or gtfo.


What’s the fair market value of that?

Will (not my real name)

Anyone know they retention rate at Shoosmiths?


White & Case reallly needs to increase the NQ salary to around 120-130k. I am very uneasy with the fact that we are so called “elite american firm”, yet continue to pay around the same bracket as other UK firms.

This is completely unacceptable, Weil and Latham’s would never pull this kind of crap . Not even Skadden.


Who calls W&C an ‘Elite american firm’? I don’t think even W&C do, they see their rivals as the Magic Circle not Simpson Thacher, Weils, Skadden, et al.

You are right though, there is literally no point moving from the MC to W&C anymore. The extra 5-10k, even at mid-level, isn’t worth it.


What is Simpson Thacher? Have not heard of it.


you are showing your ignorance. Look them up then


Simpson thatcher and Weil are not in the same bracket as K


W&C definitely off the pace pay wise.


Their pension lawyers sit within the wider Employment, Compensation & Benefits group and don’t necessarily get to specialise. Shame.

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