Addleshaw Goddard bumps London NQ solicitor salaries by 7% to £75,000 as it ups training contract numbers

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City player will now recruit 50 trainees annually

Addleshaw Goddard has become the latest big legal player to up the salaries of its newly qualified (NQ) lawyers and trainees.

The firm confirmed NQ base rates for those in London now sit at £75,000, a rise of 7% from £70,000, while those in Manchester and Leeds now start on £45,000. NQs in Scotland receive £42,000.

The 2020 Legal Cheek Firms Most List shows that the rises put its London lot on the same cash levels as their counterparts at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, Dentons, K&L Gates and Stephenson Harwood, and £2,000 ahead of those at CMS and Squire Patton Boggs (£73,000).

The 2020 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

The salaries of Addleshaws’ trainees have also increased. Those in London now earn £40,000 in year one and £43,000 in year two, rises of 1% or £500 across the board, while those in Manchester and Leeds now receive £27,500, rising to £29,500 in year two. Trainees in Scotland receive £23,500 and £26,000.

Meanwhile, Addleshaw confirmed its annual rookie intake is also on the rise. The 12-office-outfit will now look to recruit around 50 trainees each year, up four spots from a previous TC offering of 46.

But what life awaits the firm’s latest recruits? Well, in our Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey 2019–20, Addleshaw posted A*s for partner approachability, tech and canteen as well as As for training, quality of work, peer support, office, and that all-important social life.

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I wonder when RPC will raise salary bands.






They have.. they’re performance related… oops, I’ve said too much. Sorry bro!





Roops (back from therapy).



Future NRF trainee

Hello norton rose??? Speaks volumes that they have taken so long to raise


Lmaoooooo Addleshaws now pay more than CMS and SPB


The Trainee

Sad state of City Law. Go for Ashurst or better. The rest is dying.



It’s spelled “Kyrgyzstan”, fool!!!!


CMS 4th Seat Trainee

Meanwhile we’re still on £73k at NQ. Supposedly the 6th biggest law firm in the world by headcount as well.



My condolences. Why did you choose to train there?


CMS 4th Seat Trainee

Decent global firm…secondments. Thank god I am leaving.



The fact that people are choosing law firms because of secondment opportunities is so ridiculous.

6 months aboard is not worth training somewhere that works u like a dog or has crap training. If you want to go aboard so badly-go before your LPC you’ll actually have time to enjoy yourself too



I don’t think CMS training is trash. Neither is their work. Only their salaries are shet.

Coffee Breath

CMS doesn’t really have a shipping practice. If you want to go aboard you should probably join HFW or Clydes.


6th biggest law firm doesn’t equal 6th best law firm.



Genuine question, how much do mid – senior associates earn at Addleshaws?



£100-120k before you start pushing for partnership. Once you hit 8PQE though it all becomes more a function of how good you are rather than adhering to strict salary bands.



Not good considering sweaty hours and cost of living in or near London, probably with kids.



That seems a bit low. Usually the salary ratio of a very senior associate to a NQ is about 3:1, so if you start at 75k, a top-end senior associate (prior to making partner) should be earning about 210-220k (bonus excluded).



Even MoneyLaw will struggle to pay 220k to senior associates. CC and Links’ seniors earn 150k or such.



I think we’re having a misunderstanding due to senior associates usually sitting on a wide range of PQE levels.

It is true that MC seniors earn about 150-160k as soon as they become senior associates, but this compensation goes up to 200+ when they are established seniors (for example, 10 PQE right before being eligible for partnership).

Most “money law” (US firm) seniors usually start on a higher 220-250k, which then gradually surpassed the 300+ threshold.

Perhaps you are right, 210k is too much for an AG senior associate, but I’m sure someone who is right behind the corner of partnership at AG makes something comparable (perhaps 180 base + bonus).


Interesting. I assumed 6-9 PQE seniors would have smaller jumps in remuneration. If that’s the case, 180k sounds reasonable for an experienced senior associate at AG.

Anon anon

A senior or “managing associate” as they’re referred to at AG is making nowhere near 180k. A 1 year PQE at AG makes between 77-79K with a 4-5k increase each year of PQE thereafter. Assuming the highest band and the max 5k increase each year, a 6PQE (in banking or corporate) will just about make a 100k or a little over. Associates in teams such as RE and litigation etc. will make slightly less.

A newly minted partner at AG will make 150k as base and then anything above that will depend on how many points they start with.


That’s not true. At CMS, senior associate pay caps out at c.120. Bonus up to 20% (rarely will ever get that in full) so total 140 absolute maximum.


Adam M

Hi Eve love you


And you know this how?

Just stalk her and you'd know bruh

Eve was campus ambassador for CMS at Bristol was she not?


AG is utterly terrible.


Addleshaw Future Trainee, Sep 2020

Care to explain why?


Former AG

I used to work for AG in London and with the exception of one wanker partner, I look back on my time fondly. Working hours in corporate do not match the salary so do not regret leaving. Also best law firm canteen I have come across to date.



Would be really interested to hear from current Managing Associates regarding salary levels at AG. I would have thought junior salaried Partners will be on 160/170 max so senior Managing Associates will only be on 150? Is that right?


Capt. Pugwash

Anyone know what it’s like to work at HFW (Holman Fenwick Willan)?


sounds shet

Wot da fak iz dat ?!


Master. Bates

Nope Cap’n


Seaman Staines

Me neither Cap’


Roger the Cabin Boy

I got shafted there.



House full of wankas


Angus, Exeter University LL.B.

Anyone got the current scoop on Dorsey & Whitney? About to apply to a range of US firms.



🎶I wanna dance with somebody…

Wanna feel the heat with somebody…

Yeeaaaaaaahwanna dance with somebody…

With somebody called Dorsey…..!!!!!🎶


Fat tug

Are Mishcons sticking to 72? Lol



NRF raising NQ salaries to 89k






Nice to know AnG has matched its NQ rate to DWF London equity partner salary.




Anyone know mishcons NQ salary? Surely it cannot be 72k as stated on legal cheek



Further to the above discussion on salaries in London, what will people be earning in the regions?



Says in the article duck – 45k



What about the NQ salary at SPB? The firm renowned for nepotism (i.e. one of their trainees is the daughter of the managing partners of the SPB Brussels’ office).



We can confirm that rigorous processes are followed in relation to all potential new hires and my daughter was interviewed on a CV blind basis without preferential treatment.



So tight.


ROFLing AG trainee turned brown-shoe wearing recruiter

£210k – a genuine lol. That’s higher than virtually all the Partners in Leeds and Manchester. Senior Associates will be on 100-130k base in London, the top end if he/she is exceptional. Would love to know where you got your figures from Anonymagic.



I reckon they’ll go up to 80ish surely


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