Cambridge Uni law student shares his geeky — but ‘mostly useless’ — Supreme Court facts

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Series of tweets to mark top court’s tenth birthday

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

One Cambridge law student has shared a series of nerdy facts about the Supreme Court to mark its tenth anniversary yesterday.

Lewis Graham, a doctorate student at the University of Cambridge, commemorated the occasion in 18 “mostly useless” Twitter posts. Graham, whose research focuses on the interplay between judges, courts and politics (i.e. we can probably take his word for it) described top court trivia in its first decade of action. Here are some snippets:

A Supreme Court in unanimity (for the most part)

Look how far we’ve come

Three is not a crowd

A judgement on the court’s productivity levels

Paragraph production

Those lengthy judgments…

A heads-up for law students contemplating their reading

Our leading lady

Who’s the court’s most frequent dissenter?

The UK’s highest court in the land (previously the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords) was formally established on 1 October 2009, which also marks the start of the new legal year.

It has been a year of celebration at the Supreme Court. In February, royal couple Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, popped in for a visit, and in July, current president Lady Hale, along with some of her former predecessors, celebrated ten years with an official portrait launch. The Supreme Court will be releasing a commemorative lecture series next month.

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I guess Alex only asks one question when he interviews staff – do you know how to use the copy and paste function?


Overworked trainee

Who needs to write content when you can lift it all from Twitter?

Hard day’s work folks – now off to the pub!


LC Lover

“Graham, whose research focuses on the interplay between judges, courts and politics (i.e. we can probably take his word for it)”

I.e. we couldn’t be arsed to either check or try to speak to the guy ourselves.


Legal Genius

The title sums up Oxbridge students rather well – geeky, but mostly useless.



UCL Oxbridge reject



I imagine them all being pretty useless in bed. High achieving lending itself to neuroticism, and therefore tension… But the fact I’m imagining that says a lot about me, I suppose.


Jim newhowe

Who pays there wages.. I notice most do work for the eu


No to Hale

No wonder the laws all wrong with Hale sitting on the majority of cases. Her judgments are always appalling and ill thought.


Stanley Pontlarge

She’s just a jumped up academic with little in the way of real experience. Appointed on quota grounds no doubt.


Man On

Oof someone’s opinion is worth paying attention to.
The longest serving UK JSC and the only one still sitting, apart from Lord Kerr, who was also in the House of Lords before the crossover.
But why let reason get in the way of one’s prejudice eh….



“Doctoral student” surely…


Davenborough Atterid

And here.. we seem to have an invasion of the Brexit Tit – as betrayed in their misspelling of ‘their’.
This one may not have reached full gammon maturity judging by its markings..


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