Slaughter and May distances itself from ‘Slaughtered and Dismayed’ corporate law meme account

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Insta page, until recently, used a modified version of magic circle outfit’s logo

Slaughter and May has distanced itself from a corporate law-themed meme page which until recently used a modified version of the magic circle outfit’s logo.

Launched just over a week ago, the account appears on Instagram under the username ‘Slaughtered and Dismayed’ and describes itself as “London’s ONLY Commercial Law Meme Page 🇬🇧⚖️”. The page, as its description suggests, takes a satirical (and an occasional brutally honest) look at life as a City lawyer through the medium of memes.

A screenshot of the account

The page had, until recently, used Slaughters’ distinctive logo, adding additional letters so it now reads ‘Slaughtered and Dismayed’. The account’s profile image has now been changed to one which bears less of a resemblance to the firm’s logo. Slaughter and May confirmed it has no connection with the account.

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In his natural habitat, the solo LSE final year casts his eyes onto the dance floor, in the hopes of finding his prey. Fuelled by Sainsbury’s basic Gin and a £14 double Redbull Vodka, his savvy eye scans the immediate region, until they stop, with his eyes fixated in one position. Target acquired. The vile beast has locked eyes with his natural target, a Media & Communications student visiting London from Birmingham for her best friend’s birthday. Slowly stalking his potential prey, he prepares the, in his mind, imminent feast by bringing up the latest Legal Cheek article stating his future firm’s base salary rate and potential total compensation package. For good measure, the LSE final year brings up his LinkedIn profile, knowing fully that he has no unique personality traits. Both will certainly come in handy when the target’s interest naturally wanes. Despite being rejected verbally, physically, and reviled by any potential parter that he approaches, the LSE final year student continues his quest to find a suitable mate for the evening.

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The account, which is fast-approaching 800 followers, has so far shared eleven images, touching on subjects such as the US-driven MoneyLaw movement, life as a vac schemer and partners taking the credit for associates’ work.

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Richard, known as Dicky among the other Partners, recently lateraled from Freshfields and is heading the Private Equity team at his new firm. Despite only being at the firm for two weeks, he is the first person to walk into the signing meeting. All eyes are on Dicky, sporting a impeccably cut Brioni suit, Alexander Ferragamo loafers, and a fresh Patek Phillippe Nautilus that he picked up to celebrate his recent move. Dicky does all the talking in the room, but often gets up to stare out of the window with his hands behind his back after he directs a technical question to the lowly Senior Associate who is currently getting a divorce due to billing as many hours as possible with eyes only on Partner track.

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Speaking to Legal Cheek, the account’s creator declined to divulge their true identity — or even confirm if they were a lawyer — amid fears it could stifle their “creative freedom” or “jeopardise” their career.

News of the Insta page comes just weeks after Slaughters posted its first-ever tweet — ten years after it opened an account. Slaughter and May does not have an official Instagram account.

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Legal Officer with a 2.ii

FFS, you think they would divulge who they really were if LC asked nicely?



Brutal work environment, extremely hierarchical, sweaty af with an elitist oxbridge culture.. this social media account is the only fun these slaughter and may trainees are having and way of letting steam off



hahaha Slaughter and May pretend they are a flexible firm which gives you good social hours because they dont have billable hours. If you go to their open day or presentation evening they talk about how they can leave at 5 because they dont have billable hours – what a lie!! At least be honest. When you speak to trainees you realise how sweaty it is.



Slaughter and May has the worst recruitment and interview process compared to any firm. No wonder they let in gold digging cretins who have to make these meme pages to survive it



Anyone who has had an interview at Slaughter and May, including myself, can vouch for this. It’s such a crap interview process and it’s pretty much based on luck


A curious boi

How so?



Different anon but I agree. The Slaughter and May interview is made out to be like a “chat” but if you actually have the interview, you know that it is just a brutal process which you gain nothing valuable out of. The interviewers provoke you and deliberately ask harsh questions to spark a reaction. They question you on ‘bad grades’ (I got asked why I got a mid 2.1 in one of my modules when the rest were Firsts lol) and it is like they are trying to catch you out throughout the interview. They grill you even when you have thoroughly answered the questions.

However, the people who I have spoken to who managed to get a TC or a vac scheme at Slaughters all said they had a pretty easy interview – basically it depends on luck of the draw on who you get on the day. The way they interview is they go off the CV rather than having a set of questions which they have to ask – if they had more of a set structure to the interview then there would be more consistency in the interview process as some people get really harsh interviewers and others get nice ones.



This is so true omg!! I had an interview there and I was grilled on something which I explained in my extenuating circumstances and if they bothered to read it they would have known. It was a difficult thing to me to talk about and they made me explain myself in the interview about it.. horrible experience, but I guess that says a lot about the firm!

anonymous A

The second part of the interview is an article which seems like a good idea except the articles are completely random and nothing to do with business, commercial law or anything related to the firm. Again, there are discrepancies with who gets what article as some people may get an easier article to dissect than others. I spoke to a fellow student who had an article he knew NOTHING about and could not make sense of whereas other students get easy articles handed to them on a plate… I agree with the ‘luck’ element


These sorts of questions enable them to weed-out the riff-raff. Average joe from a comp somewhere in Middle England will not hold-up well and come across ‘smoothly’ against curve-ball questions etc.


Slaughter and May has gone so downhill, wonder how it will survive post Brexit with their weird international approach






QMUL Law Student

Can one smash PE deals at S&M?


Legal Genius

Freshies leads the pack there.



That page lightened up my Friday. Thanks for posting something worthwhile for once, LC.



They’ve now posted a response ….


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