Slaughter and May posts first-ever tweet — 10 years after setting up account

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Gordon Brown was PM and Black Eyed Peas topped the charts

Slaughter and May has taken its first tentative steps into the Twittersphere — ten years after it first opened an account.

The magic circle player has technically been a member of the popular social media platform since May 2009, opting to keep its account protected and tweet-free. But that all changed yesterday evening when the account, which has over 2,000 followers, arose from its ten-year slumber to produce its first-ever post.

The inaugural tweet — a so-called ‘quote tweet’ — flagged the firm’s sponsorship tie-up with eXXpedition, an all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission.

To provide some context, Slaughters created the account when Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, pop band The Black Eyed Peas topped the UK charts with their catchy number ‘Boom Boom Pow’, and Scottish singer Susan Boyle secured second spot on Britain’s Got Talent.

The firm — which has a Facebook page, but is yet to join Instagram — attracted criticism in 2014 for its approach to social media.

Digital marketing agency Online Ventures Group produced a report which suggested that the firm’s protected Twitter account indicated a misunderstanding of the medium. At the time, a spokesman for Slaughters said the firm’s approach simply reflected its discretion towards its clients and their affairs.

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Thanks for this, Tommy. But you forgot to mention their NQ Salary and the fact that they appear in our Firms Most List. Amend pls.



Why are so many firms in the City missing from the most lists.



If you believe the comments, it’s because the missing firms haven’t paid Legal Cheek any sums in the form of advertising fees. However, in truth, it’s far more likely that Legal Cheek writers simply don’t know a great amount about the industry. Unless a firm has good marketing or ranks highly in Chambers in Partners, Legal Cheek just won’t know about it…


I concur

Spot on. This is why the new(ish) policy of purging the comments is so bad for both Legal Cheek and the students who read it.

Legal Cheek has never been respected for its content. But back in the day, people were forgiving. Everybody recognised that Legal Cheek have a tiny staff, tiny budget and do well with the resources they have. And importantly, insight could be gleaned from the lively debates in the comments section.

Now, Legal Cheek simply deletes comments left, right and centre if they’re anything less than bland and completely PC.



Sorry to bang the drum but there are a decent handful of US firms not on there who juniors frequently move to, who do top tier work in certain areas and who pay top tier rates – like STB.



I (embarrassingly) did not even know they existed when asked about them once – because they don’t offer TVs, outlets like LC pretend they don’t exist, when they are one of the bigger firms for corporate and private equity work. They just make lateral hires rather than train people.

Anon who fucked up

That should say TCs, not TVs.


The times’ Top 200 law firms for 2020 is coming out soon, Legal Cheek. Perhaps you could do a piece on the hidden titans prowling the country.


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