General election 2019: Oxford educated ex-Slaughter and May lawyers go head-to-head in Middlesbrough

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Former magic circle duo even attended the same private school

Simon Clarke and Lauren Dingsdale

Two former Slaughter and May lawyers are going head-to-head in next month’s general election.

Simon Clarke, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, trained at the magic circle firm before going on to work in 2010 for Conservative MP Dominic Raab (who himself is an ex-Linklaters lawyer).

Going up against Clarke is Labour candidate Lauren Dingsdale, a former Slaughters associate who specialised in company, commercial and European community law.

The similarities don’t stop at their former professions and firms though: both attended the same private school in North Yorkshire, Yarm, before studying at Oxford University — Clarke opted for History while Dingsdale punted for politics.

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Still hungry for more Clarke/Dingsdale titbits?

Well at a reported 6ft7, Clarke is believed to be Britain’s second-tallest MP and earned him the nickname ‘Stilts’ at school. Meanwhile, political gossip site Guido Fawkes reports Dingsdale has links to Flemish aristocracy and once appeared on the hit TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

At the 2017 general election, Clarke won the Middlesbrough seat from Labour after the sitting MP Tom Blenkinsop stood down citing concerns over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Other candidates standing this time around include Liberal Democrat Jemma Joy and the Green Party’s Sophie Brown.

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Jeremy Corbyn

Shocking! I’m surprised they are supporting the few and not the many! Isn’t the law supposed to teach you ethics!


Jeremy Corbyn

Lauren Dingsdale is not her real name.

Her real name is ‘Lauren De Thibault De Boesinghe’ – bona fide Flemish aristocracy. The castle owning family are so notable they have their own Wikipedia page declaring them “notable and noble.” Makes Lady Nugee pale into comparison…

Just another champagne socialist


Boris Johnson

Personally I love how it’s only acceptable to be posh if you hate normal people and want to privatise the NHS.



Privatising the NHS would be mean better health care by reducing costs and permitting savings to make additional care available, including crucially preventative care. But ignorant oiks who moan about “privatisation” fail to grasp that.


Ciaran Goggins

Als ik waar een Nederander…


A reader

So you’re now judging on who she chose to marry? Harsh.



Married name


Kestrel Selbey-Body

Haven’t seen a strong, practical or particularly intelligent Oxford MP for years. We don’t want more.



Lol at the privately-educated Labour MP in a party set to abolish private schools. She gonna give up the advantages that it’s given her once it’s banned or just pull up the drawbridge?



Right, so people who went to private school can’t argue for abolition because it’s pulling up the drawbridge, but people who didn’t can’t, usually based on some crap about how it is based on jealousy or lack of experience or whatever.

Anyone can have an opinion on this matter, and if it is based on a sober understanding of the impact private schools have on the country, it is as likely as not to be the opinion that they play no role in a democracy which values equality of opportunity.



Far too sensible for Legal Cheek


Legal Genius

You mean the impact of educating children for future success, rather than turning then into weed-smoking, nan-stabbing delinquents?



Tory party is the nasty party. Full of nasty pieces of work.



Not surprising really as they both got to Oxford and did well. It would be more of a problem if people who were particularly unintelligent (Corbyn we are looking at you with your 2 E grade A levels) got on in politics.

Let us hope the Tory wins (we NE Tories know the best route for Britain).


Borderline sociapath

Can we not highlight people who are ex-[anything] if all they did was a training contract, realised (or displayed) they could not hack it and left the profession. We should not celebrate the weak.


Jeremy Corbyn

I just want some new glasses.



Yarm is a little bubble, a million miles away from the issues the rest of Teesside faces



Some might say a haven surrounded by a sea of shit. The issues Teeside face is that is filled a with lot of angry, poorly educated racists with limited economic value to the nation.



Loool if you say so Surrey



Gosh no, Surrey is for TV hosts and those that cannot afford both a decent townhouse in zone 1 and a proper weekend pad somewhere in Oxfordshire.


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