Eve Cornwell gives fans ‘unfiltered’ tour of Linklaters’ London office

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On-site gym, coffee on tap, a pick-and-mix counter and piano recitals are just some of the perks seen at magic circle firm

Image credit: Eve Cornwell (YouTube)

Legal YouTube star and Linklaters trainee Eve Cornwell dropped a new vlog over the weekend giving her fans an “unfiltered” tour of the magic circle firm’s London headquarters.

An in-house gym, coffee on tap, a pick-and-mix counter and a spot for piano recitals are just some of the perks Cornwell uncovers in her latest clip (embedded below), ‘The trainee lawyer diaries: EP1 all-access firm tour’.

The video, which has garnered 128,000 views and 14,000 likes, is the first of a new series the rookie is “creating with the support of Linklaters to help give more online exposure to the legal profession”.

Rising at 6:33am when “not much of the legal world is awake”, Cornwell tells viewers she filmed the footage in a single morning before the workday had begun — it’s probably why Links’ 1,000+ UK lawyers are notably absent from the ten-minute long clip!

We see several different “versions” of Cornwell on the whistle-stop tour in no less than five(!) different outfits. She takes us around the firm starting with its swish client space, before taking us down meandering corridors with walls adorned with artwork and finally ending up in her roomy office.

Along the way we see some of the firm’s many meeting rooms which are fully mic’ed up with stationery drawers, snacks and even a mini fridge. She also takes us to the firm’s health and wellbeing centre where the firm’s lawyers have access to an on-site doctor and dentist, as well as the firm’s innovation lab with floor-to-ceiling whiteboards. Silks, Links’ fancy canteen also features, with menu options including grilled food, pizzas, soups, salads and deli bars.

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Some slightly less glam areas are covered, too. Mail and print rooms, an ATM and even a train ticket dispenser, as well as IT support which is handy given that every lawyer at the firm is given a mobile phone and laptop.

In a lengthy caption Cornwell, a Bristol Uni law grad, explains why she is embarking on the new series:

“[W]hen I was a young student I felt very lost and confused entering the world of career events and graduate schemes — I felt like an outsider. I’m hoping that this series helps open up the profession to more students across the UK, and gives a realistic idea of not just trainee life, but how you can get involved in similar opportunities — no matter your background!”



“Grilled food”. What a perk.



Well, I for one look forward to Kirkland NQ’s tour of The Gherkin, the Chelsea townhouse, the Lambo garage, etc



Unfortunately you’ll only get a tour of his basement and a mini-documentary on drug abuse.


Kirkland NQ

I think you’ll find that the only basement I own is the cellar where I store my vintage wines. And drug abuse? If snorting the odd cocaine at work with the PE boys is abuse then this whole world has gone to the dogs



You missed an opportunity here mate, do keep up with the bantz.



Imagine the highlight of your entire existence being a legalcheek troll pretending to be a Kirkland NQ stuck at NQ level.


Advent Calendar

”legal YouTube star and Linklaters trainee“

Bit of a step down from you describing her as a “legal heavyweight”…



Cringe levels are off the charts (lovely trousers though)



I have a rule for hires. The extent of their online/social media presence is inversely proportional to their chances of getting the job.



Too bad people don’t hire by your standards! It might explain your lack of employment. She has a few TC offers to spare, so you might want to start begging on her youtube comments instead of here.



1130 trying some remedial English comprehension classes. That I am employed and in a position to make hiring decisions is clear from my post.



Yes but I suspect you’re a liar!



Ah I didn’t know McDonalds had an opening.

… so when will my order be ready?



^JDP for the latecomers (site admin took their typical moderation approach of applying a sledgehammer to a nail)


Angus, Exeter University LL.B.

I assume that this has all been cleared by Links? Offices look slightly tatty to be honest. Not sure how the Gherkin compares.



“creating with the support of Linklaters to help give more online exposure to the legal profession”.

Linklaters have probably paid her to do it. Easy way for the firm to get some positive PR off the back of her 250k subscribers.




1. Linklaters’ office needs a refurb

2. What on earth would you think if a trainee in your dept was running around filming that (yes, I know it was done early – but there’s clearly people around)

Fair play to her as she’s very good at what she does and clearly gets a useful message out to students hoping to become solicitors, but personally I would worry about what impact it would have on internal reputation (aside from with Grad Rec who’d be loving it)



Focus on your job NQ. I’d worry about fake NQs being “personally” worried about Youtubers.



Do one lad, it’s Christmas



No. You do one, prick.


Just me

Being a former Linklaters’ employee myself, I’m pretty sure that was all cleared by PR and people on the floors were informed about the filming.


Private Wealth Fella

Whole office is ancient, absolutely pathetic for a MC firm.



Additional thoughts:

Grad recruitment perspective: 👍🏻

Client perspective: 👎🏼



Why would clients care? Grumpy f##k.


Ex Links

I’m not sure if this is too much of a generalisation but I feel that as trainees at Links progressed through their training contracts their sense of fashion often deteriorated along with their enthusiasm.



Can this Milhouse doppelganger please stop clogging up this website?



US firms don’t generally have as much of this – mine doesn’t even have a canteen.



Hence (a) higher profits in US firms; and (b) why Linklaters are looking for areas in which they can reduce costs.


MC trainee

Why does higher profits at a partner level matter to you as a trainee? How does it increase your quality of life and wellbeing and happiness? Serious question.



It sort of matters when they start pushing people out at the 4PQE mark because they can’t afford to keep you on.



Which is ironic since almost all US firms use the 7 years or out system where they literally don’t keep you on because you’re too expensive and probably won’t make partner.

Former Bazza

I don’t post often here , but do follow the sites “news” . A couple of things have struck me,. What is this sites obsession with her? Secondly she is certainly not shy, her confidence /arrogance seems to have exponentially increased massively from her first videos. She is giddy with excitement about working at Links, and seems to want to tell the world how marvellous she is. She isn’t, she is a cookie cutter trainee drone who takes minutes.

Within 3 years she will have put on 3 stone look like she is 40, and wonders why she is churning docs at 4AM for the fourth night in a row

Links office looks like a cold, cavernous, windowless dump, and needs a refurb.



It’s clear Links have done a ‘native advertisement’ spot with LC. The result is that less than a week after the video is posted, it gets coverage to drive more views and presumably encourage students to apply for TCs. Surely, they can’t be hurting for applications so wonder what the real aim of this is? Will have to wait for the next installment I suppose where she explains the copy machine procedure and how minuting meetings works.

All told, this is excellent fodder for the law students who HERO worship former youtube study content creators. Beyond that seems mostly to appeal to that woke / BWG cohort. Is *that* the demo Links is after? If so, have them, have them all. Seems to me if you want a TC gtfo YouTube and start earning distinctions in your courses.


The Grand Puppet Master

“It’s clear” lol. More “lawyers” posting made up conspiracy theories without a shred of evidence.

“I wonder what the real aim of this is?” Probably the same people behind 9/11 if you ask me, mate.


911 was an inside job

Mate, check the links below. Why have LC assigned a beat writer to this girl’s YouTube/Instagram channel? Doesn’t take a genius to figure out based on the firm supporting the content creation. If you invest min £5-10k for the video production/edit, why not tack a bit more on top for some ‘coverage’ on LC, where all students seeking TCs troll one another in the comments? Bit of a stretch to go from suggesting native advertising to jet fuel melting steel beams. But nice one.



“Assigned a beat writer” lol.

LC mark their sponsored content ‘Created with’.

Another theory… Eve Cornwell is a very popular figure among law students and news about her drives traffic to Legal Cheek, a website that caters to law students, so they write stories about her.


She’ll end up at a shop like Fried Frank once she qualifies. All this Bridget Jones esque hopeless trainee glitz will be forgotten about and she’ll be on the dolla train.


Latham or bust

What’s a Fried Frank?



Top wall street firm. Many bank, Lambos galore.


here's your clout

Outstanding commercial awareness from the YouTuber who missed 43 seconds for the 10 minute mark.



For those commenters on here claiming the office needs a refurb, you’ve obviously never been to the decrepit salt mine that is SPB’s London office


Angus, Exeter University LL.B.

What’s it like in the mines over there? Heard the chaps over there are at risk of jaundice.


In House

An on-site restaurant, shop, doctor, well being team – Its almost as if the firm doesn’t want you to leave the office…

In all honesty, why are these people not questioning why this type of shit is needed? I for one would be slightly concerned if I was taken to the basement and told this is where I need to come if I’m sad.


Rosie Riveter

It’s a less fun version of the setup at google/Facebook/etc. The difference is EC is fresh out of uni, looking at the world with rose tinted goggles —ooh look, Haribo! Free coffee! Show us the sleep pods!! Show how allegedly, soul-crushing MC firms are.


In House

Makes me very happy that I didn’t follow that path – Give me the counties any day…



This video is how a trainee gets a reputation (rightly or wrongly) for being a complete waste of space, Social Committee type who wants to spend their legal career in grad recruitment.



This comment is how a unemployed person gets a reputation (rightly or wrongly) for being a complete waste of space, Legal Cheek commenting-type who wants to spend their days bumming off social security and being angry on Legal Cheek instead of getting a job.



I would have thought Links would steer away from the whole Jolly Hockey Sticks vibe – all a bit 80s/90s.



We all say we want the kids from the rough estates who went to whatever a poly calls itself nowadays. But really we want the posh kids who know how to behave. So in that regard this is perfect. Though for that lacrosse is a better marker than hockey.


Former Bazza

I would not trust the Drs, Nurses and Dentists to share confidential info with partners and HR. When I go to see a clinician I want to do so with the absolute guarantee of confidentiality. I DO NOT want to see a hired gun

What In House said


Jed Finn

The office and she look pretty grim


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