Eve Cornwell gives fans ‘unfiltered’ tour of Linklaters’ London office

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On-site gym, coffee on tap, a pick-and-mix counter and piano recitals are just some of the perks seen at magic circle firm

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Legal YouTube star and Linklaters trainee Eve Cornwell dropped a new vlog over the weekend giving her fans an “unfiltered” tour of the magic circle firm’s London headquarters.

An in-house gym, coffee on tap, a pick-and-mix counter and a spot for piano recitals are just some of the perks Cornwell uncovers in her latest clip (embedded below), ‘The trainee lawyer diaries: EP1 all-access firm tour’.

The video, which has garnered 128,000 views and 14,000 likes, is the first of a new series the rookie is “creating with the support of Linklaters to help give more online exposure to the legal profession”.

Rising at 6:33am when “not much of the legal world is awake”, Cornwell tells viewers she filmed the footage in a single morning before the workday had begun — it’s probably why Links’ 1,000+ UK lawyers are notably absent from the ten-minute long clip!

We see several different “versions” of Cornwell on the whistle-stop tour in no less than five(!) different outfits. She takes us around the firm starting with its swish client space, before taking us down meandering corridors with walls adorned with artwork and finally ending up in her roomy office.

Along the way we see some of the firm’s many meeting rooms which are fully mic’ed up with stationery drawers, snacks and even a mini fridge. She also takes us to the firm’s health and wellbeing centre where the firm’s lawyers have access to an on-site doctor and dentist, as well as the firm’s innovation lab with floor-to-ceiling whiteboards. Silks, Links’ fancy canteen also features, with menu options including grilled food, pizzas, soups, salads and deli bars.

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Some slightly less glam areas are covered, too. Mail and print rooms, an ATM and even a train ticket dispenser, as well as IT support which is handy given that every lawyer at the firm is given a mobile phone and laptop.

In a lengthy caption Cornwell, a Bristol Uni law grad, explains why she is embarking on the new series:

“[W]hen I was a young student I felt very lost and confused entering the world of career events and graduate schemes — I felt like an outsider. I’m hoping that this series helps open up the profession to more students across the UK, and gives a realistic idea of not just trainee life, but how you can get involved in similar opportunities — no matter your background!”

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