Piers Morgan could face prosecution over ‘unhinged’ criticism of Meghan Markle, says The Secret Barrister

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Outspoken broadcaster branded Duchess ‘a piece of work’ and ‘spoiled brat’

Piers Morgan (credit: iDominick via Wikimedia Commons/Flickr); Meghan Markle (Northern Ireland Office via via Wikimedia Commons/Flickr)

Legal Twitterati heavyweight The Secret Barrister has warned Piers Morgan that his “obsessive” and “unhinged” behaviour towards the Duchess of Sussex could see him hauled before the courts.

In a tweet over the weekend, the mysterious member of the bar called on someone to “gently direct” Morgan to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, “because this obsessive, unhinged behaviour is the kind of I thing I see a lot of men prosecuted for”.

Accompanying the post is a screenshot of one of Morgan’s tweets in which he describes Meghan Markle as “a piece of work”.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has been an outspoken critic of Markle in recent months, branding her a “spoiled brat” who has forced Prince Harry to “ditch his family”. He also dismissed claims that the ex-Suits star had been the target of racist press coverage, describing it as “complete nonsense”.

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The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 is used to deal with a wide variety of distressing behaviour, including persistent, abusive telephoning, abuse in public and abuse and bullying online. The harassment must normally involve conduct on at least two occasions.

Responding to SB’s tweet, one social media user claimed there was something “very dark about the relentless badgering of Megan Markle by Piers”, while another branded the former editor of the Daily Mirror as “a vile example of a man”. But others were more supportive. “Piers is right though, isn’t he??”, wrote one, while another tweeted: “He’s only saying what the rest of us are thinking!”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced earlier this month that they are to “step back” from senior roles in the Royal Family and become financially independent.

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Oh my… Being different is a sin, people can prosecute you for nothing, to be honest with you, the only sin Meghan committed is to marry a White Prince, everyone expected the Prince to have married a white girl, Harry made a very big mistake by marrying a middle class black divorcee, sorry Meghan you are not a Spoilt Brat, your sin is just “being different” for that they feel you deserve to be crusified. I wish you only the best.


I don’t blame them for desiring privacy despite having to jack in their roles and duties.
Harry lost chelsy due to the press.
He sure doesn’t want to lose meg.
And piers Morgan is a sad man who makes a living trying to upset Meghan.
All I can say to pm is ‘get a life’


I think this is a load of bull. But I don’t have a blog, so what would I know.

Deed U No

Piers Morgan is projecting his frustrations simply because he was 100% sure that his bbf Donnie Trump would give him a job after using the same online bullying against UK Trump critics – sorry Piers – last time we checked – there’s no vacancy for you at the
white house!


There is no racism against this woman. It’s her character that’s flawed and people do have a right to criticise her when she is taking public money and she was.
I dislike her because of her lack of respect for protocol and my country and my culture.

Glad they have gone. Give up the loony left Protection from Harassment Act 1997. I do not see any harassment of her from Pier’s Morgan’s tweets.

Honestly, please think the valid criticism of her is nothing to do with race or colour merely her appalling behaviour. It won’t end neither. She has all the hallmark’s in my view of NPD subset Elitist Narcissism – please remember people are allowed their opinion even if it’s not one you may like. Many Thanks.


Come now, Piers Morgan is proof of England’s best. He made a career judging people’s talent, worth and humanity with his sanctimonious, mean-spiritedness. This was the guy who was in charge during the phone hacking scandal and have shown no remorse nor is willing to take any responsibility as editor (Who me? Not me Guv). This wannabe English St. George couldn’t wait to dump his beloved England to be Trump’s chief-of-staff aka, best brown noser. This is the self proclaimed “ I’m not a racist” crusader who tweets his xenophobic, misogynistic rants and thinks it’s wit.

But goodness, a female guest panelist stands up to the dude and slings some back and the not-so-stiff upper lip can only blubber and froth “white victimhood”.

The many comments here inform readers that not since WW2 has England face such an existential threat. Time to stick the collective English head in the sand and invoke Churchill and the white cliffs of Dover. Once again Canada and the US come to England’s rescue. These countries have been the historical reposit of England’s rejects and runaways and offer new opportunities. Even Piers gave it a go as a contestant on The Apprentice and as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

For Piers’ distinguished service in safeguarding England’s purity and its fossilized royalty from the grave peril of avocado eaters, no doubt the monarchy will bestow this most deserving of turnips a proper mash —a knighthood befitting St. Piers. And a better interview with England’s halo, Prince Andrew, the most conscientious friend a man can ever have.

Thea Meyer

He really is a windbag. Wonder if his statement would have been different if he had been invited to their wedding. He was not; so this is no more than “sower grapes” on his side. He was not welcomed in the USA and left with his tail between his legs…maybe the same should happen in the UK…not sure which country would accept him though….

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