Macfarlanes ups TC numbers amid COVID-19 uncertainty

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31 to 33 in response to firm growth

Macfarlanes has slightly upped the number of training contacts it will be dishing out this year to accommodate future growth at the firm.

Despite the financial uncertainty the coronavirus pandemic has brought upon City law, the single-office-outfit will now offer 33 TC spots a year — up from a previous figure of 31.

“We have taken the decision to increase our trainee numbers modestly because of the growth of the firm,” a spokesperson for Macfarlanes said. “We need to increase the trainee numbers because we anticipate needing more qualified staff in the years to come.”

Macfarlanes also confirmed it has no plans to defer the qualification dates for its newly-qualified (NQ) solicitors or the start dates for future trainees. “We recruit our trainees to be partners of the future, we regard them as the lifeblood of our firm and look forward to welcoming our new cohorts,” the spokesperson added.

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Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows Macfarlanes pays its trainees £44,000 in year one and £49,000 in year two. NQs receive a base rate of £85,000.

The recruitment bump comes as many of the firm’s City counterparts look to mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19 by deferring the start dates of their future rookies.

Both DLA Piper and Herbert Smith Freehills are offering TC holders as much as £10,000 to delay their joining dates, while DWF and Irwin Mitchell are taking similar action.

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Strong signal. Good indication as to what’s happening with salaries too.



Quality shop.



Top of SC, ahead of the large internationals like HSF, HL, NRF though they may be bigger in size.



Firms are really showing their true colours during this pandemic. Well done Macs!


Kirkland 1PQE

Phat bump, top firm, megadollah lmao


The truth hurts

Your mum wants to know if you can stop being a keyboard warrior, turn down the volume on Fortnite and come downstairs for breakfast.


Kirkland 1PQE

Says the impoverished betacuck rofl



That’s your father you’re speaking to son.



Those who train here could quite easily come to your shop, yet they don’t. Ever wondered why?



Anyone who calls a law firm a shop is a twat



That’s what Kirkland is – a sweatshop



£85K NQ? Pah. I’ve thrown more coin at a witcher.



I hope that enough of the TC spots are filled by POC. Actions speak louder than words.



Not the best when it comes to diversity but seem to be improving



Me too but I also see that their vac scheme intakes tend to be quite diverse so could it just be the case that those candidates fall at the last hurdle for the TC?


Accountant in HR

It’s cheaper to have a couple of diverse vac schemers in order to have pictures for the marketing materials than it is to hire some models for the day



I’ve always looked at Macfarlanes as a third rate Slaughter and May. Maybe that’s harsh, but one can’t help thinking it.



Great trolling from Jonathan over the last few days


Senior citizen

But what about SPB?!!



Are US firms crap?


Kirkland NQ

They’re all pretty crap unless you’re at the Promised ‘Land, smashing six PE deals a week like me, all the while zooming around the empty streets of the City in my new Lambo convertible at 80mph, two model girlfriends by my side, chomping on a phat Cohiba cigar, pumping out phat tunes out of the Lambo’s eighteen speaker bespoke audio system, making so much dollah I literally don’t know what to do with it, this is life yeah loving it so good…!


Kirkland Equity Partner

Rest easy King, keep smashing those deals and models, love it, 10/10. You’ll go far, and your bonus will be phat af baby yea


Lord Sumpthing

What’s the goss on Travers?


Smavers Trith

Keeping Nq pay the same I hear, but possibly reducing intake


Magic square

Again a reminder that the magic circle is a joke. Not just tc numbers and pay but overbloated company structure and full of people who think their shit doesn’t smell.



Well I mean, duh. That’s the history of the magic circle: firms founded by OK lawyers with brilliant client connections, who then hired a massive amount of people to do all the high volume admin work on large deals for those clients. By the late 90s to early 2000s their main selling point was they had a couple switched on partners that could throw several hundred associates at a matter to get a deal that should take a year’s worth of billables across the line in a few weeks. But today? Thanks to tech, market uncertainty and increasingly cheap clients, swarms of (expensive) glorified paralegals isn’t attractive.


Future Toiler Solicitor

Any news on CMS?


Sweaty trainee

Shet firm, recently chopped NQ whack lmao


CMS 4th Seat Trainee



My expectations

Are unchanged.


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