Travers Smith posts 89% trainee retention score

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17 out of 19

The London office of Travers Smith

Travers Smith has posted a solid autumn trainee retention score of 89%.

Of the 19 rookies due to qualify next month, 17 accepted newly qualified (NQ) solicitor roles at the London-headquartered outfit. Travers, which offers around 25 training contracts each year, confirmed none are on fixed-term deals.

The two-office-outfit’s dispute resolution team will receive five newly-qualified (NQ) lawyers, two join funds, and a further two will start lawyer life in corporate M&A and equity capital markets. The remaining eight will be split equally between commercial; employment; finance; pensions; real estate; private equity & financial sponsors; derivatives & structured products; and financial services & markets.

In terms of cash, Travers’ latest recruits will start on a salary of £85,000 — although NQs have the “potential” to earn between £93,500-£110,500 with bonus. Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows trainees receive £46,500 in year one, rising to £52,000 in year two.

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This time last year, Travers retained 17 of its 21 London qualifying trainees — or 81%.

Last week CMS posted an autumn result of 72%, keeping hold of 44 of its 61 trainees due to qualify in August. This followed scores of 100% (11 out of 11) and 89% (16 out of 18) by Sidley Austin and Mills & Reeve, although both figures include an NQ on a fixed-term deal.

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Cooley boi

A phat powerhouse with pokey Clerkenwell offices fit for a high street wills and probate shop. Get a proper lease in a skyscraper for alpha views you betacucks



This is one of the things I really respect about firms like this. The quality of their work combined with the comparative modesty of their offices. Similar story with Macfarlanes. They don’t seem to need over-priced prime real estate to compete and enjoy the boost to their profitability as a result. Hence highest profit share at Macfarlanes and TS is £2.7m and £2.0m respectively.


Kirkland NQ, also known as the PE Powerhouse Deal Lambo Monster

Lmao crusty beta spotted.

Get back to me once you’ve grown a pair and are ready to ascend to the lofty alpha heights of Searcy’s on top of the Gherkin. You’ll see me there smashing PE deals all the while sipping on vintage Cristal in the company of my four Eastern European girlfriends and waiting for one of our K&E concierge peons (formerly a 5PQE at CMS) bring me the keys to my new Lambo on a sterling silver platter.

I might extend you an offer to become a full-time butler at my Chelsea mansion.



Behave. You wear a polyester suit to your paralegal job in Romford. Kirkland NQ you ain’t.


Kirkland 4PQE rainmaker

He can’t hear you I’m afraid: my young King is too busy smashing PE deals and taking home phat wadds of dolla to care about your weak beta riposte. I suggest you email my secretary, she might be able to get you in as a part-time evening janitor at our alpha Gherkin offices.


Any truth to the rumour of 10% retention at Kirkland?


Retention at Kirkland has always been bad! Training there is sh*t.

Future Trainee



Class is permanent.


Chancery chihuahua

Decent wedge given Cov Cov.



Rank Travers, CMS and SPB


Bait taker

F SPB, marry Travers, kill CMS.



Easy, you’ve already done it.



CMS and SPB not in the same league as Travers.



1. Being rejected by Greenberg Glusker LLP
2. Applying next year and still being rejected by Greenberg Glusker LLP
3. Sweeping the basement of Greenberg Glusker LLP
4. Sweeping the basement of someone who sweeps the basement of Greenberg Glusker LLP
5. Travers
6. SPB
7. The death of a beloved pet
8. Your beloved pet being cannibalised by your other beloved pet, resulting in the survivor being put down
9. Bat-handler in Hubei Province
10. Head massage from the Mountain in Game of Thrones
11. CMS


Travers Equity Partner

10/10, very good.



12. Legal Cheek journalist


Your sir

are on point.


Getting Wiggy With It

Ah bless, the narcissism of small differences.

1. The Bar
2. Not the Bar.

Just getting ready for the annual 6 week summer break, solicitors? Thought not.


Magic Square

Travers is a thoroughly decent shop if I do say so myself. The silver circle seems to be a no brainer to train at. Genuinely high level of responsibility, devent culture, good chance of being retained, and decent whack for humane hours.

Much better than many of the joke firms in existence.



Decent culture… Have you ever worked there?!



? What did they do to you


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