Tequila and torts! Law student Kim Kardashian downs shots in late night study sesh with lawyer mentors

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‘Cocktails and contracts’ and ‘crunk and crim’ could be on the cards

World-famous law student Kim Kardashian gave fans a glimpse into her unique study methods on Wednesday — pairing tequila with torts in a late-night study sesh with her two lawyer mentors.

“This is how we study,” Kardashian says in one video on her Instagram story, while pouring shots of Don Julio tequila. She then proposes a toast, saying, “to studying for law school and passing this f**king test once and for all”.

Mother of four Kardashian came up with some other fun names to spice up her studies with mentors Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney, including, “cocktails and contracts” and “crunk and crim”.

The social media superstar began a four-year legal apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco last summer, with a view to sitting the California bar exam in 2022.

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She paid tribute to her late father, Robert Kardashian, a criminal attorney, on Wednesday, in a heartfelt snap marking 17 years since his passing.

“Today my dad went to heaven 17 years ago,” she wrote. “I really can’t believe it’s been that long. I miss you so much, dad. I could really use a law school study buddy!”

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She is such a vulgar little cretin.

Ah, back in the day

I did the Bar when it was all ‘keeping terms’ and eating dinners. We’d have lectures afterwards. They were really good; but they’d hand out free port. So I very much empathise with this kind of learning technique.


I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is pretty awesome. I’d like to do shots with her. It is nice to see them having fun and having a good time. I wonder what went on off the camera later on that evening. I’d love to mentor Kim. I think she has a beautiful mind and I would love to help guide her as she continue her journey into law.


You sound like a dirty old gammon. Kim wouldn’t want to go anywhere near you.


Why are you so mean Larry? I just want to be friends with Kim and help her with her career. Okay I’ll be honest and admit that she looks nice and that she is attractive. However, I would not make any unprompted advances on her. If she wants to engage with me sexually and if I am not her supervisor at the time then I would probably entertain the idea. I am certainly not a dirty old gammon though and my intentions are pure.


Imagine being so rich and well-connected that you don’t have to actually work or go to law school. Good luck passing the Cali bar exam…

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