ULaw announces SQE partnerships with Southampton, Surrey, Leicester and Birkbeck unis

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Students to receive super-exam study support

The University of Law (ULaw) has cut deals with four universities to prepare students to sit the new solicitor super-exam.

ULaw will guarantee places on its upcoming Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) prep course to graduates at the universities of Southampton, Surrey, Leicester and Birkbeck, it was announced this week. ULaw will also continue its existing partnership with Chester University to support students through the SQE, a two-part national assessment due to come into force from September next year.

During their undergraduate studies, ULaw will support students with a range of workshops, including how to answer multiple-choice-questions (MCQs), the proposed format of SQE1, as well as looking at the skills needed to pass SQE2.

ULaw revealed the first details of its SQE courses, which includes a masters option, earlier this year. Students will get to pick their ULaw SQE course of choice upon graduation, the statement says. ULaw will also guarantee places for students at the four universities who choose to qualify under the current system, the Legal Practice Course.

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The law school giant’s new university tie-ups follow similar combinations struck up with the universities of Exeter, Reading, Liverpool, East Anglia and, most recently, Sheffield.

Peter Crisp, pro vice chancellor external at ULaw, said:

“We are delighted to be entering into these new partnerships. We look forward to guiding future generations of students through the forthcoming changes to qualifying as a solicitor and supporting them to achieve their career goals.”

It was announced last week that new SQE provider BARBRI had joined forces with Manchester University and King’s College London to offer graduates discounted SQE1 course fees and on-campus SQE workshops.

Market rival BPP University Law School is expected to follow with its own SQE course update in the coming months.

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The Maverick

Waiting on someone somewhere saying a 15 year old did the MCQ and got 50 percent, without completing 180 MCQ times 2. MCQ’s are done by foreign lawyers on the QLTS.


MCQ Support

“ULaw will support students with a range of workshops, including how to answer multiple-choice-questions…”

Is this even real life?? Who throughout their studies hasn’t figured out multiple choice questions? Wait until this kids have to face a Watson Glaser.

If the SRA was worth its salt, it would make aspiring solicitors gain a law degree and then pass a bar exam a la America. Better way of separating the wheat from the chaff. It’s a great equaliser… I know people who left Harvard and failed whereas those from mediocre schools passed.

All the same the whole profession is where you’re from and who you know. Pity no one tells these future SQE cohorts that they’re not getting a shortcut into the city…or anywhere really. Considering the number of LPC graduates chasing TCs as it is.


Alter man

There are some clever students let’s say graduates doing the graduate diploma in law without any coursework, some of them do it part time over 2 years.

I will say the removal of the law degree requirement by the SRA proves you do not need to learn academic law.


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