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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Criminal Bar diversity will be hit by debt, low fees and pandemic, young barrister warns [Evening Standard]

David Allen Green: Could Trump pardon himself? [Twitter]

You don’t have a ‘right’ to a lawyer when you’re trying to steal an election [Washington Post]

Integrity, independence, and culture: not a Russian problem, a professional problem [Lawyer Watch]

Secure your place: The Legal Cheek December UK Virtual Law Fair

Criminal Justice As Culinary Catastrophe [Counsel of Perfection]

Does the government’s COVID-19 response comply with the rule of law? [Legal Cheek Journal]

Should we tax people working from home? [Legal Futures]

Whisper it quietly, but law firms have done well in lockdown [Law Society Gazette]

“Wigs ought to stay and the push for reduction in their use because of moaning leftist do-gooders has been a disgrace. Wigs are valuable when interacting with the less sophisticated at criminal and civil matters as the clients listen more when one wears a wig and realise the seriousness of the situation.” [Legal Cheek comments]

VIRTUAL EVENT: The future of work — with Shoosmiths [Legal Cheek Events]

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