Biden’s law graduate granddaughter pokes fun at Trump with fake case law tweet

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‘The case of Trump v. Reality’

Naomi Biden with her grandfather Joe (credit: @naomibiden)

Joe Biden’s law graduate granddaughter poked fun at Donald Trump in a fake case law tweet.

Naomi Biden, 26, took a pop at the incumbent President on Friday, calling his claims of election fraud “the case of Trump v. Reality”. The Columbia law grad tweeted:

Naomi’s post comes after the Trump campaign filed lawsuits in several key swing states.

Joe won the presidential election on Saturday after US media projected him as the winner in Pennsylvania, pushing him past the 270 electoral votes needed to clinch the White House. His election win gives hope to struggling law students across the globe as the Syracuse University law grad ranked a lowly 76th in his class of 85.

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Naomi is the eldest of Joe’s seven grandchildren. She graduated, virtually, this summer with a Juris Doctor from Columbia Law School, at which grandad Joe gave the keynote speech. She studied international relations at the University of Pennsylvania before embarking on her law degree.

She appears to be pally with President Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, who was her classmate at UPenn, and also graduated this summer from Georgetown Law School. In June 2018, Tiffany shared a photo of the pair hanging out in the Hamptons.

In other legal news related to the election, Joe’s former law prof has come out lending his support to the President-elect. Professor Tom Maroney, who is now retired, taught Joe legislation. He told NewsChannel 9 he thought Joe “would go on to do something very important”.

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