Law firm opens virtual boozer featuring pool tables, beer garden and DJ booth

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‘The Keystone Arms’ 💻🍺

A UK law firm has opened its own virtual pub in a bid to help its lawyers and staff socialise in a more relaxed setting during the second national lockdown.

The brainchild of listed outfit Keystone Law, ‘The Keystone Arms’ officially opened its doors last Thursday and features a bar area, beer garden and two pool tables. For those seeking a slightly livelier lockdown experience, the boozer also boasts a dance floor and DJ booth.

The firm created the pub, which officially opened its doors last Thursday, using customisable virtual networking platform Remo.

A spokesperson for Keystone said the platform offers some “light relief” from the rigours of corporate law and that early feedback has been “great”. So much so that the firm is even considering holding its Christmas party in the pub as a substitute for a physical event.

‘The Keystone Arms’ – image via Keystone

And if the landlord or landlady of the ‘The Keystone Arms’ is looking for someone to man the DJ booth then look no further than Legal Cheek‘s very own Adam Mawardi. Watch him below on the wheels of steel (ok, it’s a MacBook) at our popular Virtual Vacation Scheme earlier this summer.


Pub jesus

Jesus wept


Paddy Losty

I wouldnt be fond of drinking at the Keystone Pub but when I do go at it, I would go at it awful and very hard. I do have about 45 pints in about 2 hours. I’d have a packet of crips then and maybe an aul packet a peanuts. And I’d go for probably, I’d have ten more anyway. And I’d get up the following morning and Maureen would have the fry on. And I’d go at again. And there’d be no stopping me. I’d take the shirt off any man’s back.



Oh, you reckon? You starting something?



Can’t wait for the Legal Cheek scoop on the virtual sexual harassment scandal that is bound to happen at The Keystone any day now.



Looking forward to that melt of a pupil crying that they couldn’t leave the Keystone at 10pm and was made to stay until 11.



Put it on mute and we all feel better about drinking at home alone on a Tuesday.


His Corpulance King Alan of Ireland, her other realms and territories and the Irish Dominions across the seas. Duke of Oldham, Lord of the Isle of Rochdale, the Lord Harley of Counsel, Pretender to Throne of Siam, Order of the Trouser-Urinal

Perhaps if there’s a pretend brawl in the pretend pub, I could represent the pretend defendants, at the pretend trial, at the pretend court, that follows.

I am a real lawyer, though.


Erin Brokavichi

The Sims for lawyers… vom.

Can we stop trying to normalise online socialising? It’s weird and unhealthy. Not to mention boring af.



A DJ booth? Is that like a jukebox for London types?


Junior Welsh Associate

I’d rather just go to the pub with my colleagues


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