Monday morning round-up

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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Covid leading to four-year waits for England and Wales court trials [The Guardian]

Government facing legal action amid claims it is ‘forcing low-income and Bame children into schools’ [Independent]

Military courts ‘failing to convict in sex cases’ [Telegraph]

Domestic abusers who leave no marks on victims face 7 years in jail under new law [Mirror]

Will Trump declare martial law? [The Sun]

Trump considering Giuliani and Dershowitz for impeachment defense team [CNN]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Christian prison chaplain who revealed his Bible meetings were hijacked by Islamic extremists is taking legal action after being punished for whistleblowing [Mail Online]

Hong Kong security law being used to ‘eliminate dissent’ say US, UK, Australia and Canada [The Guardian]

Top Trump lawyer sued for $1.3 billion [The Statesman]

Son Of A Brooklyn Judge Identified Storming The Capitol [Above The Law]

VIRTUAL EVENT: Law firms in the era of sustainable capitalism — with Travers Smith [Legal Cheek Events]

“Good. There is no reason to water down standards in the face of spineless opportunism. Are books and materials harder to read in a pandemic? No they are not, in fact students will have more time in to study, even if they seem to be spending most of their timing putting together pathetic petitions.” [Legal Cheek comments]



The schools story is another Jolyon special. It would be better if he turned this energy to addressing socioeconomic discrimination at the Bar. It is rampant and unaddressed there.



Barristers doing everything to send their kids to private schools, then doing everything to pick privately-educated pupils that they’d like their kids to be.

What dickheads!



Crown courts failing to not convict in sex cases.



The feminists see conviction rates going up as a per se good. An attitude that reeks more of gender-based punishment than justice



Yeah, because it’s the feminists sitting in court deciding who to convict and entirely their fault that men go to prison at all.

Those damn feminists!!



You miss the point. The complaints are made that conviction rates are too low and that the rates going up would be a positive. So they campaign for changes to law with a view to increasing conviction rates. But as these offences are ones that commonly have false allegations or are based on very weak evidence, you would expect conviction rates to be low and juries are damned good at weeding out the crap cases. Instead these campaigners seem happy to let innocent go to jail for the wider cause. It is already bad enough that false accusers get to hide behind anonymity when innocent accused have had their names all over the press. The legal fraternity should be standing up agains the tide of woke criticisms of the current process, not siding with the leftist fringes.


I Have Nothing To Fear

Because there are as many ‘false’ allegations as there are men in prison who rape? Really?


Try again with something that is not straw man BS, I Have. Or as you would probably prefer “straw person of such gender as they prefer from time to time”.

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