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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Legal news stories

Public backs virtual trials in England and Wales to ease court case backlog [The Guardian]

UK lawyers in the dock for giving Hong Kong legitimacy [The Telegraph]

The Secret Barrister: All rise! This trial won’t be starting until 2023 [The Times £]

Londoner’s Diary: Lawyer who investigated Dominic Cummings’ trips expects drama based on memoir [Evening Standard]

Britain must rethink its ‘national security’ law [Financial Times]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Home Office criticised prosecutors for ‘applying the law’ in immigration cases, CPS chief says [The Independent]

Black barrister from Basildon shares image of horrific racist letter sent to her [Essex Live]

Hundreds caught at illegal rave in east London as police hand out fines worth £15,600 [Sky News]

Law enforcement superhub to fight cross-border crime post-Brexit planned [The Sun]

Brits accusing Harvey Weinstein of abuse furious as his lawyer’s misconduct case dropped [The Mirror]

Virtual event: How to secure pupillage — with Hardwicke, Henderson Chambers and Radcliffe Chambers [Legal Cheek events]

“The issue is that Perry would have been lending a veneer of respectability to a show trial. Raab was right to call this out and had he waited until judgment was handed down his commentary would have had no value whatsoever.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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Re The Mirror article, it shows a lack of understanding of stress-related illness to suggest that someone can’t really be ill because they are able to work. By that logic, anyone alleging workplace bullying (or even domestic abuse) must be making it up if they can continue working. It is also not clear why the complainants want action taken against just this lawyer and not others (including their own who were involved in the negotiations). This NDA was clearly never enforceable anyway- better to concentrate on misuse of NDAs now.


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