Paths to becoming a lawyer: Your official roadmap to the legal profession goes live

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Don’t know your LLBs from your SQEs? Don’t panic. This new comprehensive guide is here to help

The definitive student roadmap to the legal profession is officially live.

Offering a comprehensive guide for school-leavers, undergrads, and junior legal professionals, Paths to becoming a lawyer tells you everything you need to know about a legal career, and the different routes you can take to qualification and beyond.

As the latest legal careers roadmap, it covers all of the most recent changes to legal training; from the transition from Legal Practice Course (LPC) to the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE), as well as TC alternatives including solicitor apprenticeships.

Budding barrister? Paths to becoming lawyer, sponsored by The University of Law, is also on hand to guide you through the key developments to training at the bar.

Given the complexities associated with these new routes, our easy-to-understand, 13-part guide allows you to move through each stage via an interactive map. Trace where you are in your career now, and plan where different careers paths could take you.

For those just starting out on their career journeys, contemplating whether or not to undertake a law degree at university, head to our University: Law section for a comprehensive guide to the different courses available and things you might wish to weigh up before doing a law degree.

Alternatively, if your school-aged leaver looking to go straight into paid employment in an “earn whilst you learn” environment, check out our ‘Solicitor Apprenticeship with LLB’ page for a detailed account of these programs.

Check out Legal Cheek‘s new Paths to becoming a lawyer section in full.


Travelling Gavel

Is it just me that on looking at the hyperlinked diagram thought ‘replace Solicitor Apprenticeship with CILEX/Legal Exec route, and change SQE2 to Professional Skills Course and it is more or less exactly the same as when I qualified over 10 years ago?


Travelling Navel

Except everything is just that bit easier. Universities give out firsts that a really 2:1s and the professional qualifications are so dumbed down the law firms are having to bring in top up teaching.



Why do some magic circle firms specify at NQ level that they only want to receive applications from candidates with 1st class degrees from Oxbridge, when Linklaters are happy to take on trainees who graduate with 2:1s from London Metropolitan University, which is arguably not a good university?


Cambridge + Linklaters

You’re talking out of your rear. Complete and utter rubbish.

No Magic Circle firm has ever stated they want only Oxbridge candidates, and all of them say a 2.i is fine.

As for linklaters, my entire vac scheme cohort was Russell group and 1/3 oxbridge.


I See Troll People

Poor effort at trolling. V poor.


Miss A

Where is the Cilex route, discriminated against once more by the looks. When will people who are Cilex qualified get the recognition they deserve?


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