Kim Kardashian reveals she did not pass first year law exam

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World-famous law student scored 474 on her first try but needed 560

Kim Kardashian – credit: Keeping Up With the Kardashians

World-famous law student Kim Kardashian will make a shocking revelation in tonight’s episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. In a teaser trailer for the show, the reality TV star admits she did not pass her first year law exam, and is unsure about her future as a lawyer.

Kim revealed in a tell-all interview with Vogue magazine in 2019 that she was studying to become a lawyer. She said she was in the first year of a four-year apprenticeship, and that she hoped to take the California baby bar exam the following summer.

That appears to have not gone as well as she might’ve hoped.

In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, which was filmed in October 2020, Kim, in conversation with her famous sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, reveals, “So you guys, I did not pass the baby bar.”

Since Kim is enrolled on a four-year programme instead of the typical three years, she explains in the clip, shared by celeb gossip site E! Online, that she had to take the baby bar exam at the end of her first year. “This would actually be harder, I hear, than the official bar.”

In a confessional, Kim’s law school mentor Jessica Jackson explains she needed a score of 560 to pass the first year exam — she got 474 on her first try taking the test. “That’s extremely close on a test that most people are not taking in the middle of a pandemic,” Jackson tells her.

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Despite her reassurances, Kim laments, “I am a failure”, continuing:

“I spent six weeks straight, 10 to 12 hours a day, studying and it was so important for me to take this. And to not pass gets your spirit down and just makes you want to give up.”

Kourtney comforts her, telling her that their late father would be proud of her regardless, and Khloe agrees, saying “it’s highly respectable what you’re doing” given “the time that you get taken away from your family, your kids…”

“That’s what p*sses me off,” mother of four Kim cuts in. “The fact that I spent all that time away from my kids, like I can’t do it again. I don’t have time. To do the next test is in November. And I’m filming the ending of our show, which will be so emotional. I have every birthday under the sun, you know, it’s my birthday, my 40th, I planned this whole trip and it’s too late to cancel. And if I fail again, then it’s like, what was the point?”

Khloe suggests that Kim schedule her follow-up exam in June 2021, the next sitting after November. “I don’t want to wait another year to go by for school,” Kim counters. “I feel like I just got to the end where I almost knew everything.”

Kim goes on to say she’d rather take the test again as soon as possible since she’s already in the mindset for it. “I could try… or I could just give up,” she says. Kourtney adds, “I think if you take that year off, you’re going to forget about it.”

So will Kim keep trying to become a lawyer? “I don’t know, I really need to think about it,” she concludes.

Kim last month shared a snap of her sunning herself in a bikini whilst studying law. We wonder whether she’s gearing up for the June assessment or whether she passed the November one and is continuing with her studies. Either way, “she’s going to be an unbelievable attorney”, according to US political commentator and lawyer Van Jones, who gushed Kim was “doing amazing” in her studies during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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✝ repent!

lord almighty what has your garden come to


QCs Without 1sts LLP

I’m shocked that constant hair appointments, plastic surgery, reality show filming, rampant social media posting, shopping and make-up sessions lead to Kim failing her law exams.

Who would have thought it, eh???


Kim lel

But I saw insta photos of her studying really hard in her bikini!!!!



I also studied hard the day she posted those.



You naughty dog.


LC gimpsquad

Well done for cancelling the comments under the paralegal article LC. I gave it an hour at best, but you beat me to it.


High Street, Home

Flapping her wings like she’s trying to fly that finishing a show will be too emotional to sit an exam, chief, I know students that had mates die and they still sat their exams. Get a grip.


Looool get rekt

Kim skipped the first two sitting of the baby bar exam because she had parties to attend. She’s so serious about becoming a lawyer.



My mother died a month before my PA Bar Exam. My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer two months before. But the coup de grace was me breaking my left arm two weeks before.

Oh! And I clerked 30 hours per week along with BARBRI classes (until I broke my arm).

I passed.

You want to be a lawyer? Act like one you whiny future 1L dropout.



kudos for this, to succeed when facing even one of these horrible events is impressive






Kim Kardashian’s score is NOT extremely close. The baby bar exam is out of 800 marks. Despite having immense wealth that could access the best tutors, nannies, personal chefs, maids, gardeners etc, Kim only managed to score 474 out of 800. Not being able to buy an exam pass must be a reality check for her.



It’s really messed up that her mentors keep gassing Kim up… anything to keep money coming into the bank I guess.


Valiant effort

I always thought it was a bit bold of Kim to want to become a lawyer. As a career-changer, shifting from self-promotion/tv/sex tapes is quite the leap! That said, her father was a prominent lawyer (or perhaps just best known for sitting next to O.J.) so that is not dissimilar to many students who choose to enter the profession following their parents.

The pluses for KK:
– wanted to change the criminal justice system from within vs. from outside
– lobbied Trump to pardon a woman wrongly convicted of murder
– made documentary about her efforts as well to raise more awareness
– seems genuinely interested in the law

The negatives/things which probably didn’t help her cause:
– going the non-traditional route (wasn’t necessarily easier than just going to a mediocre law school)
– studying 10 hours a day, six days a week for six weeks. Even by my standards, this is insane. To some degree, rote learning is required on a law degree BUT it seems like concepts/principles in any area are more important than trying to cram every judgment into your head (not saying she did this)
(RELATED: remember in year 1 at uni when the prof said you needed to read EVERY case or every single judgment? Yeah, def don’t do that, the headnote is perfectly sufficient in most cases)

– Supporting then-husband (KW) through a public mental health crisis
– Public divorce with said husband
– Ongoing childcare
– TV show/other publicity etc.

It looks like she’s spread herself pretty thin and maybe needs to re-tool her approach? She gets to try again so hopefully, she’ll have taken some learnings from this experience.


For real tho

On-going childcare? The lady has a cadre of nannies and various staff to cater for her every whim. Let’s stop acting like she’s the typical single mother. Kim skipped two sittings of the baby bar exam to attend parties. She has repeatedly shown that she isn’t serious about pursuing a legal career. She has enough money to wipe he schedule clean for months, especially given COVID where she has a reason not to make media appearances.

Kim K wants to change the justice system without doing the hard work. If she really cared about diversity and fairness in the system, she would have donated some of her billions to fund current law students who can actually make a difference.



Christ, if you write that much about someone so utterly vacuous then you need a life.


For real tho

I recall Kim tweeting that she “aced her exams”, “could do criminal law in her sleep” and that law was “in her blood”. Just because daddy was a lawyer doesn’t mean you can coast through life and become one. The level of delusion and grandeur is astounding.

Furthermore, the baby bar is NOT harder than the Cali bar exam. I dint know why Kim is lying about this. There’s only three topics tested in the baby bar exam, and those are known in advance. The areas to be tested in the Cali bar exam are unknown to the candidates and are selected from 16-18 areas of law.


Bombay Bad Boy

Must have stumped her when the questions required answers other than “the glove did not fit”.


Cali pub exam

Why are Kim Kardashian’s mentors straight up lying to her about her ability?

I wish that Kim K would showed some humility, so that I could feel a shred sympathy for her. Kim thought that “law was in her blood” and that this would be sufficient in her attaining a legal career. She bragged about how well she understood several areas of law and apparently aced her mock exams. It gave the impression that anyone could study law and pass it, despite Kim failing to acknowledge how absurdly privileged she is, therefore not having the tiresome worries of rent, childcare, mundane jobs or mortgages that most students do. Kim clearly had no idea how much work would be involved in embarking upon a legal career, and just thought she would be handed one by virtue of her privilege.


Talk the talk but can’t walk it

Shocker! Kim wants the prestige of passing the bar exam and the title of lawyer without doing the heavy lifting. If she really cared about justice like she claims, she’d use some of her billons of dollars to fund more diverse and able academically students through law school. But nope, she just wants media attention and to fuel her own ego.



Remember when LC and many others tried to convince us that Kim was anything more than a airheaded bimbo that got famous because of a tape?



Her dad was smart and her mum is too. Other than her failure to nurture or utilise any intellect that genetics may have gifted her there’s no reason she shouldn’t be somewhat intelligent.


Reality check

That’s exactly the same thinking that’s deluded Kim into this venture. Because her dad was a lawyer, she believes that a legal career is in her blood. Even with all the money in the world, access to the best tutors and staff to look after her household, she couldn’t pass.

I am not saying Kim K is stupid. She just isn’t booksmart or smart a enough to do law.


Alex's Aunt

Just because a parent is good at a particular subject/area doesn’t mean the child is. Even if “intelligence” runs in the family, it doesn’t necessarily transfer in the same ways. My parents are both doctors (jobs that require some intelligence), but I was absolutely hopeless at science/maths when at school, and didn’t have a hope of getting into university for medicine.



Apparently you were unfeminist and jealous if you didn’t believe that Kim could be a lawyer. Kim is contemplated not sitting the next baby bar because she has birthday parties to attend. How serious and committed she is.



Bar exams are not easy, even for smart people so Kim’s at a huge disadvantage here. Fair play to her though, for not giving up.


Lil kimmy

Yes, the delusion of Kim is outstanding! Much better off writing cheques to fund current law students if she really wants to help the justice system.


Who moderates LC comments?

Whoever moderates LC comments is lame.

People who post comments which aren’t entirely dismissive of KK are censored. But the ones roasting her are allowed? It’s all about Bikinis and TV but she’s a single mum who is separating from a famous husband with mental health problems.

Maybe allow space for nuanced opinions? LOL why I think this gets posted is beyond me.


lil kim

Or perhaps no one approves of Kim’s delusion and lack of self-awareness other than yourself?


I like Kourtney more

Kim K (or rather her mother Kris) clearly has some intelligence to be able to run several wildly successful business and build up a a huge brand name. She’s beguiled millions people into buying her rubbish merchandise. That’s clearly skilful and requires some form of intelligence.

However, Kim Kardashian isn’t academically intelligent. That’s fine- there’s no need to be when she is rolling in it. However, she should just admit it rather than boasting about how well her studies are going on Twitter and Instagram. Her arrogance is pretty annoying and I know she’s irked a few of US law students and attorneys.



This level of delusion about one’s ability is truly sad and I really don’t mean that in an insulting way. It’s honestly very similar to the way that universities/graduate recruitment teams convince young people that they all have a chance to be rich and successful lawyers. If you have been academically average your whole life (i.e. 2:1 from a Russell Group), your chances of getting into an elite firm are extremely low. Eventually, you’ll either spend years paralegalling in the hopes that you scrape a training contract and qualify at 26 or settle for a mediocre firm where you work 12 hour days for 80k/year.

Just be realistic and choose a better career path.



I don’t even know where to begin with this. Most people who get a TC at uni will likely be qualifying around 24-26 just because thats… time works. Plenty of people get training contracts at excellent firms as graduates without grinding out years of paralegaling. And most people getting hired by “top” firms are RG students with 2:1s.



I don’t entirely agree with “Realist” but tbf the vast majority of my cohort will be 24 when we qualify although some will be 25 because they took a gap year before uni. Don’t know what you consider a “top firm” but most people I know are Oxbridge/Russell Group 1sts. Obviously, you can get in with impressive extracurriculars.



Mind naming the firm or giving us a broader idea of what kind of firm it is? Cohort sounds suspiciously young, high percentage of Firsts sounds pretty exceptional. Can’t think of many firms that would fit that profile.

More importantly, your firm isn’t representative of the City, so it’s really a case of the exception proving the rule!



Proportions of training contracts being awarded to 22-24 year olds are much lower than 5-10 years ago. It is fanciful to think that you’ll walk into a training contract at the earliest stage. We have had paralegals at my firm with 2:1s and 1sts from not just RG universities but also from the likes of Oxford/Cambridge. The strong CVs date back further with plenty of straight A*s and extra-curriculars like Duke of Edinburgh in there for good measure too. Many need to get that paralegal experience to stand out from the others. A 2:1 from a RG university often doesn’t cut it on its own these days.

Also, the poster above is realistic about wages. Plenty of associates at firms other than US/MC firms earn in the region of 70-100k per year. That is a decent salary and it is what the majority of associates in the City will earn. The majority of them do very good work for respectable firms, and actual associates in the City will appreciate and respect their peers for the work they do. Those being paid 130k+ at US firms are very much a minority. There are a lot of MC associates, but those associates will still be a minority.



With the exception of Slaughters, most of the MC and SC intake students have 2.1s. There are definitely loads of Firsts but they are probably not in the majority. Linkedin is a good place to look.

NB I do appreciate that you are pretending that you are a US firm associate baller who works 25 hours a day and has the Midas touch so your pretend firm may be different in your version of reality.



I have a pretty bad 2:1 from a RG Uni.

I had 4 TC Offers. 2 from MC. 2 from US (not the scrub-tier ones).

You talk absolute rubbish.


False Hope Merchant

Ah yes, the mythical “I-have-bad-grades-but-got-loads-of-TCs” student. A completely unverifiable claim from someone who won’t even name the university they went to or any of the firms they supposedly received offers from (despite being anonymous).



of the many people I feel sad for who don’t make it into their chosen career/career change (law or otherwise), Kim is…. pretty far down the list


Archibald Pomp O'City

“of the many people I feel sad for who don’t make it into their chosen career/career change (law or otherwise), Kim is…. pretty far down the list”

Your comment suggests that you are the type of petty, mean-spirited btl commentator who gets a cheap sense of release from your own frustrations by posting snarky comments about other people’s trials and tribulations. Whoever you are, there is little likelihood that you are a ‘cool’ person.



To the contrary, I get an immense sense of release by posting snarky comments. At least I do not write like it was an entry in Pepys’s diary.


friendly toad friend

dude you only ever post two-bit cynical opinions that most readers disagree with

what are you on about aha


Archibald Pomp O'City

Can we be friends?


law goblin



Common Sense Man with a Common Sense Opinion!

That Kim Kardashian? Famous for being famous, she is! What has the world come to? Kids these days! The world’s gone mad! Kim Kardashian getting paid all this wonga for doin’ noffink! The world’s gone mad! Famous for being famous! Kids these days!



[Real news feed quote]: ‘Kim Kardashian is not sure she wants to be a lawyer anymore’ is without question the absolute funniest thing I have ever read online. Priceless.


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