Slaughter and May to allow trainees to work remotely one day a week

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New policy enables ‘majority’ of staff to work away from the office up to 40% of the time

Slaughter and May’s London office

Slaughter and May is the latest law firm to introduce a new remote working policy for lawyers and staff, including the option for trainees to work from home up to one day a week.

The magic circle outfit today confirmed the “majority” of those based in London and Brussels will work from the office at least 60% of the time, with up to 40% spent working remotely. Those wishing to spend more than 60% in the office are free to do so, the firm said in a statement.

Slaughters has also laid out specific requirements for rookies and new recruits — the first major firm to do so. They will be expected to be in the office at least 80% of the time, with up to 20% working remotely (or up to one day a week).

Commenting on the new, more flexible approach, Slaughters’ executive partner, Paul Stacey, said:

“After listening carefully to views from across the firm and from our clients, we are confident that this approach properly balances the interests of our people and delivery of the highest levels of client service.”

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The days on which individuals come into the office or work remotely are flexible, and can vary from week to week, the firm confirmed. Subject to government lockdown rules, the new policy comes into effect from 6 September 2021.

Today’s news means Slaughters has introduced a slightly higher office attendance requirement than those favoured by some of its magic circle rivals.

Clifford Chance, Freshfields and Linklaters all recently gave the green light for their lawyers and staff to work outside the office for up to 50% of the time. Allen & Overy, meanwhile, anticipates staff will work remotely for around 40% of the working week once lockdown measures end.

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