Linklaters looks to slash emissions by up to 70%

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Magic circle player latest to up its green efforts 🍃

Linklaters has joined a growing list of City law firms to up their efforts to protect mother nature, with two new carbon reduction targets.

By 2023, the magic circle player is aiming to reduce its energy emissions by 70%, and its goods, services and travel emissions by 50%.

The reduction goals are “grounded in climate science”, Links says, and have received the seal of approval from the Science Based Targets initiative — a collaboration between several leading climate and science organisations, aiming to limit global warming to 1.5 Celsius.

Matt Sparkes, global head of sustainability at Linklaters, commented:

“Responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of how we operate as a business and it is important that we are accountable to this commitment. Our new science-based targets will underpin our climate ambition and action as we continue to identify new and innovative ways to reduce our emissions, including embracing learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic and shifts in behaviour. We believe that these represent leading targets for the sector and reflect our continued leadership in environmental management — both in operations and client service.”

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The firm already appears to be on the right track, scoring an A for eco-friendliness in Legal Cheek‘s latest trainee and junior lawyer survey.

Sparkes added: “We know that there is much more to be done on a global scale and we are fully committed to playing our part in reducing the impact of climate change and driving sustainable growth.”

A number of City firms have issued new green goals, with Allen & Overy committing to a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and Herbert Smith Freehills targeting net-zero emissions by the same year.

Like Links, Freshfields is also looking to reduce its travel emissions but by 30% over the next five years.

Elsewhere, CMS is hoping to become carbon neutral by 2025.

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And yet they still plug their oil, gas and extraction industry legal services, representing some of the world’s worst contributors to and profiteers from carbon emissions.

This makes these PR puff pieces a act of sophistry and distraction – giving the impression of doing something while profiting from helping the worst activities. It is like issuing a press release about efforts to reduce the number of employees in the office who smoke while still acting for Big Tobacco.

Apartheid was stymied when firms were challenged for acting for those that kept the old regime’s economy going. Climate change activism needs to go the same route.



Or we could not pressure firms to limit their services to only those clients who are popular and woke enough. The primary virtue of the law is it is meant to be open and equal for all, regardless of whether we are talking about a rapist, a murderer or heaven forbid something serious.. like a company that produces petrol cars after 2030…

Nice to see LC is keeping up with the woke press release publication though.


Links Tc

Does this mean no more flights anywhere (which would be sad, although I understand that they are very rare for juniors anyway), or are they cutting paper use (which makes more sense)? Or are they just turning the lights/heating off?



They are sending their massive bills to their carbon emission profiting clients by email instead of post.



Presumably 100% WFH for those that want it will be supported, encouraged and facilitated.


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