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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

British Lawyers Wear Wigs for a Pretty Noble Reason [Distractify]

David Gauke: ‘Global Britain’ needs new allies — starting with the EU [NewStatesman] (free, but registration required)

I Know It When I See It [Legal Feminist]

Cancelled, cleared, then fined — the price of free speech for a lawyer [Conservative Woman]

Why the new policing bill threatens our right to protest [Legal Cheek Journal]

Secure your place: The September 2021 UK Virtual Law Fair

The folly of diverging from the GDPR just because we can [The Law and Policy Blog]

Judicial Review of Policies — Clarification or Judicial Retreat? [UK Constitutional Law Association]

Never mind the… amendments… Here’s the Sex Pistols: Johnny Rotten was too far behind the beat [Civil Litigation Brief]

Business leaders must listen to staff concerns over office return [Scottish Legal News]

Living and working with cancer [The Law Society Gazette]

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