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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Afghanistan’s women judges are in hiding, fearing reprisal attacks from men they jailed [IAPL]

Mutually Assured Irresponsibility: An Example from the Post Office [Lawyer Watch]

Helen Kennedy: A letter to the new justice secretary [Prospect]

Should UK judges still sit in HK? [A Lawyer Writes]

How to build real connections in a virtual world — a junior lawyer’s perspective [Legal Cheek]

IPKat in conversation with Tim Moss, CEO of the UK IPO [IPKat]

Courts shouldn’t ban clinical treatments [The Critic]

Schrödinger’s PCP [Legal Feminist]

Barrister reveals little-known legal rights which can affect our everyday lives [iNews]

Are President Biden’s comments on ‘the Irish Accords’ a life line for the Human Rights Act? [The Law and Policy Blog]

Being out in the law [Law Society Gazette]

Secure your place: The October 2021 UK Virtual Law Fair

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