BCLP boosts NQ lawyer pay to £88k

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10% rise

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (BCLP) has become the latest City outfit to throw extra cash at its junior lawyer talent.

Newly qualified (NQ) lawyers will now receive a salary of £88,000, up 10% from £80,000. The rise is effective from 1 July.

More experienced associates will receive similar uplifts and those who hit certain hours targets will be in line to receive larger bonuses.

Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows the firm’s fresh faced associates now out earn their peers at the likes of Norton Rose Fulbright, Macfarlanes, K&L Gates (all £85k) and Simmons & Simmons (£84k).

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The move comes some four months after BCLP restored salaries to £80k, following a decision to cut them by 2.5% last summer in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

BCLP isn’t the only firm splashing the cash. Last week, Ashurst upped NQ base rates to £90,000, a 5% increase from £85,500, while Clifford Chance boosted junior lawyer pay to £100,000, up from a previous salary (and Legal Cheek estimate) of around £93,000. Both sets of NQs are eligible for bonuses on top of their new and improved pay packets.

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About the same as a bilingual nanny.


This gave me a chubby

For an unremarkable bucket shop like BCLP, that’s actually quite a phat wedge.



TBH – on the assumption they bill 1200 – 1600 on average – it is not, a bad deal.


CMS Trainee

Nice! Good to see the market following us 🙂 What are average hours in the corporate teams at BCLP?



LOOOOL, ok Mr£75k NQ 😀 😀 😀 😀


Eh Tony

You get an upvote for your name only.


Paralegal at Hausfeld

How has this happened?


Top of SC

Macs and Travers where you at?


Banking NQ

BCLP at £88k base and A&O at £90k base…time to redefine the MC maybe?



A&O’s at £95k base and salary progression is much faster than at BCLP
Inb4 some second year Durham student reminds us that US firms pay more than either firm


I've noticed you

Trevor, why do you post about Durham second years on every article? It’s really weird mate



Probably because it is an easy target for a joke as no-one can stand Durham students. Even the Durham students themselves are filled with communal self-loathing after their failure to get into Oxbridge.


Did you go to Warwick by any chance?

I find students from other universities far more irritating. LSE is the worst – weird, antisocial drones who can’t maintain eye contact and don’t have a personality outside of their career. I mean, they literally pick the university for the career alone, there’s absolutely nothing else going for it. At least you can have a good time in Durham.

Also, what about the students at Durham who aren’t private school failures, and went to poor schools, and yet still managed to overachieve? You don’t even get those good’uns at LSE, in my experience, because they can’t afford to study there.


Oxbridge, Did, Oxbridge. Everyone knows that comments about Durham students being rejects have good comedy value. Your wittering will never change that.

detached and bored observer

A&O promises 100,000 to NQs plus firm plus team bonus. Better perks too. BCLP isn’t close. Also to end up as BCLP NQ you must have been a BCLP trainee. Imagine training at BCLP. I’d say that 88k doesn’t even begin to compensate for the loss of future income and career opportunities!!!



Any news on CMS increases? Must surely compete with this



What’s happening with NRF/Baker McKenzie??



Working so hard for so little disposable income must be depressing


Banking NQ

Sorry Trev. The future is now old man. A&O are irrelevant and BCLP are the future.


Love for the world

Ouch – where’s CMS at?


Trainee 1

Have it on good knowledge that 5 of BCLP’s March 2021 qualifiers have already left, must be the worst short term retention in the City


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