‘Will doing both a client and international secondment impact my chances of being kept on as an NQ?’

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Future City trainee needs advice

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one soon-to-be City trainee has concerns that doing both a client and international secondment will have a detrimental impact on their chances of being retained upon qualification.

“I am soon to start my TC at a large City firm that offers both international and client secondments. I’d ideally like to experience both, if given the chance, but that would effectively mean only 12 out of 24 months of my TC were actually spent working in the firm’s office in London. I would of course be gaining valuable experience either way, but I’m a bit worried that perhaps by doing this I wouldn’t be as ‘visible’ to the partners and associates who will ultimately be my main colleagues in the future.

“Do you think doing both a client and international secondment could create any qualms re. my commitment to the firm / its London office in the partners’ eyes, especially when it comes to NQ retention decisions?

“I’d appreciate advice from anyone who has completed both during their TC, and how their supervisors / grad rec partners reacted, etc.”

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