Walker Morris increases trainee numbers by a quarter

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Follows big TC jump at CMS earlier this summer

Walker Morris (image via Mike Beaver/Google Maps)

Walker Morris has increased the number of trainee solicitors it takes on each year by a quarter.

The Leeds firm is recruiting a total of 20 trainees this year, up 25% from 16, making it one of the biggest, if not the biggest, legal employer in Yorkshire.

Walker Morris has also increased trainee solicitor salaries, with those in their first year earning £28,000 (previously £27,000), rising to £31,000 (previously £29,000) in their second year. The newly qualified (NQ) rate at the firm remains unchanged at £46,000.

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Earlier in the summer CMS became the second highest training contract provider in the UK, offering a total of 95 trainee places, a 25% rise on the 79 previously handed out by the firm. Michael Cavers, early talent partner, said at the time that CMS was in a “strong position”, allowing it to expand its trainee programme and invest in new talent. Macfarlanes and Shoosmiths are other big name firms to have upped their trainee intakes in recent years to accommodate future growth at their firms.

With 100 training spots up for grabs each year, Linklaters offers the highest number of training contracts in the country.

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As the song goes – CMS is best.



I needed that. Phew haven’t stopped laughing.



Is £46,000 a good salary in Yorkshire (NQ or otherwise)? It’s a little less than my London trainee salary, so just curious how it stacks up.



If you’re single, no.

If you have another half making the same, yes.

If you are single, then depending on how you look you might be able to find yourself another lawyer. Possibly even me, if you’re to my taste and really attractive. You’d have to be very good looking and also a fun and exciting person though.






I would say so. Typically, it works out at around a 3rd more approx. salaries in London vs the rest of the country, so someone 50k should expect to earn around 65-70k in London for the same role. That being said, cost of living is that much higher in the City.

Leeds itself isn’t the cheapest and has been home to many financial service providers for several years (I may be wrong but I am sure I once read it was the biggest outside of London on a national lever), therefore the local economy has benefited from the extra cash these professionals earn. There are some very nice parts to the city, and some utterly dreadful parts (go and visit Belle Isle and you will get what I mean). It all depends on what you want though. You could live just outside for a lot less in somewhere like Halifax and commute in if that’s what you want (30-40 mins), and have a very nice house etc for a lot less. A lot of people do that. hence why the trains are always crowded. Equally, you could have an inner city-centre apartment and be permanently struggling.



A High Street firm in Leeds. Yawn.


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