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What is an act of God? A deep dive into force majeure clauses

University of York law student Phoebe Parker explores the implications of unexpected events in today’s rapidly changing world

Aug 14 2023 7:36am

Westminster Uni academic uses ChatGPT to pass contract law exam

But only just -- bot performs as an average law student, Dr Ioannis Glinavos finds

Mar 28 2023 9:14am

Kingston and York uni grads triumph in 4 Pump Court’s inaugural Pride Moot

Four finalists secure mini-pupillages at London commercial set, with winning team also receiving £500

Jun 13 2022 12:03pm

East Anglia Uni student uses contract law revision notes to defeat landlord in court

Jack Simm was just a fresher when he initiated proceedings

Dec 13 2021 11:41am

Lawyers analyse child’s ‘new room contract’ with 9-year-old sister

'Would a Haribo rent be a sensible consideration?'

Dec 2 2021 8:45am

Williams v Roffey Bros: The uncertainty in contract law

Oxford University law student Jordan Briggs explains how the Supreme Court missed an opportunity to clear up the confusion

Jun 7 2019 11:13am

Lord Sumption slams TWO of his fellow judges in strongly-worded contract law speech

And then goes on to confess his love for dictionaries

May 10 2017 11:32am

The case of the missing comma: Court of Appeal judgment is all about the grammar

Lack of the so-called Oxford comma leads to truckers' victory in overtime payment case

Mar 31 2017 9:21am

Happy birthday to the Legal Cheek Journal!

As it celebrates turning one, we count down the ten best contributions to our legal affairs hub

Jan 31 2017 10:32am

Are the courts too soft on contract breakers?

A critical look at the “take your money and move on” approach

Dec 21 2016 10:06am

Parliament needs to realise no one reads the small print anymore

We only sign contracts to avoid mobile phone shop awkwardness

Jul 28 2016 10:07am