Linklaters kicks off spring retention season with 94% result

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49 out of 52 NQs to stay put

Linklaters has fired the starting gun on another spring retention season, with the magic circle firm this afternoon confirming 49 of its 52 trainees due to qualify in March will be staying put.

This hands the firm, which recruits around 100 trainees each year, the highest intake of any City outfit, an impressive spring score of 94%.

All the newly qualified (NQ) associates are on permanent deals. One associate will qualify into the firm’s office in Dubai.

Links also confirmed it will retain all 20 of its black, asian and minority ethnic trainees.

The Legal Cheek 2022 Firms Most List shows those sticking around will see their salaries move from a trainee rate of £55,000 to a recently improved NQ one of £107,500.

The 2022 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

Richard Hodgson, trainee development partner at Linklaters, commented:

“We are very pleased with the sustained strength of our trainee retention rates. Our vision is to be best-in-class, which includes attracting and developing exceptional talent. A much deserved congratulations to our March qualifying intake — successfully completing their training contracts almost entirely virtually and starting just a week before lockdown is no mean feat. It will be a pleasure to see their careers take-off at Linklaters.”

Today’s result matches the firm’s 2021 autumn score, which saw it retain 45 of its 48 NQ solicitors or 94%.

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Class of Covid '22

‘…successfully completing their training contracts almost entirely virtually…’ 👀


Kirkland NQ

Lol imagine being such a bad lawyer you can’t even afford a used ‘rari


Kirkland 2PQE

Just joined Kirkland and there is nobody there who has been an NQ for 3 years now. You’ve basically been outed as an Irwin Mitchell solicitor.



Now get to the bloody office and meet your colleagues.


LL Qualifier

Speaking as one of this intake, it’s a good firm but this article is misleading – almost all are contemplating leaving within 6 months due to the terrible work life balance and SC pay rises (imagine its the same across all MC firms)



Interesting to hear but not misleading. LC cannot speak to the intentions of an intake.



‘Linklaters has a bite and when we bite we bite hard ..’


I’m serious

If anyone want a referral at Kirkland drop me a line….



What’s the referral bonus at Kirkland? Customary to split it with the incoming associate?



$50k – yeah depend on how good a friend the referee is


Kirkland NQ

I’m a ‘land legend. My real name is but a whisper in the breeze. Many have spoken it but then are never seen again, or worse, are on the scrap heap with only CMS or Eversheds willing to hire them. Some have said they saw me smashing a PE deal, or heard the squeal of my Lambo’s tyres as I sped out of the ‘land car park, others still say they only saw the partners at our counterparty law firms sobbing and shaking after our negotiations, speaking incomprehensibly about a devilishly handsome, razor sharp lawyer who cut them to shreds.

It doesn’t matter what they or you say or what they or you saw. I am not just Kirkland NQ, I am the ‘land. If you don’t know me, that just means I am doing my job correctly. Be grateful. If you see me, it may be the last thing you ever see.



Piss off, nauseating fresher.



Get back to bloody work you useless slaves (NQs)


LL Facts

They should post the breakdown of how many people are even accepting the LL offer, or whether they’ve opted out of being retained to go somewhere else.


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