Trainee solicitor gears up for aid mission to Syria

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Brabners rookie Umar Tahir will distribute food and medical supplies to refugees

A trainee solicitor is heading to Syria this week to help refugees who have fled atrocities in their home land.

Umar Tahir, a Manchester University law graduate who completed his Legal Practice Course at The University of Law in 2019, will travel to a Syrian refugee camp on the border with Lebanon to provide aid to protect refugees against the harsh winter conditions.

In recent months, the Brabners rookie and his fellow volunteers have collected food packs, winter clothing and building materials as well as raising funds to enable their aid mission.

“As the temperatures drop and the snow builds up in the camps each year, many children die”, he said, “so our aim is to prevent this from happening with means of keeping them warm”.

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This is not the first time Tahir has travelled to Syria to provide help to refugees. He first travelled to the camps in 2019 after raising £43,000 to provide aid. Tahir and his team were successfully able to provide much-needed supplies, including winter clothing, food packs, computers for an orphanage school and a mobile medical clinic.

Despite the pandemic halting their return in 2020 and 2021, Tahir and his team carried on with their fundraising efforts raising around £40,000 each year.

Tahir told Legal Cheek:

“It is extremely sad to know that the Syrian people have been living in these camps for around 12 years. Each year many children die from the freezing conditions, and they are forgotten about. The resilience that many of these orphans have faced following having to witness their parent being killed is astounding. We aim to provide whatever warmth and comfort that we can to them to help them survive this winter.”

Anyone wishing to support Tahir and his team’s mission this week can do so by visiting their JustGiving page.

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Awesome Stuff

I find this so much more admirable than London lawyers sitting behind Twitter accounts, wanting applause because they once gave £50 out of a £600,000 annual salary to ‘Save the Children’.

Tahir has looked Syrians in the eye as fellow humans, seen for himself how they live and can speak of what is going on in Syria with knowledge and empathy.

Those on the ground giving out aid, putting resources into the hands of local people and bothering to meet those they wish to help as equals are worthy of far more praise and admiration than people who use social media and foreign charities to whitewash their professional reputations.

I wish Tahir and all those helping in Syria right now all the luck in the world.



An excellent comment. I totally agree with you. As an Iraqi, this is true aid and support and I wish Tahir the best of luck. He is a hero and should be praised for this as not many people would do such a thing. A courageous man


Awesome Stuff

Anytime, pal.

Lawyers are paid for their advocacy and written work.

Ideally, I feel the QC virtue-signalling Twitter mob should be campaigning and persuading MPs to try to END these wars and the weapon sales that prolong them.

What would they prefer instead – to be constantly bragging about how much money they donated to poor people for the next 20 years???

It’s never really been about the suffering of people in Yemen, Syria and Iraq or launching professional opportunities for the next generation of refugees that made it to Europe.

For many fundraisers, it has always been about the smugness and attention they get from trying to be ‘nice people’, being absolutely nothing but ‘nice’ at all.


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