Monday morning round-up

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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Barristers to be balloted on possible walkouts in row over legal aid rates [The Guardian]

Rwanda policy: ‘High chance’ of Government defeat in Court of Appeal as first deportation flight faces delay [iNews]

Immigration lawyers are advertising their deportation-busting services to illegal migrants in prisons and detention centres [Mail Online]

NI Protocol changes will not break international law, minister says [City A.M.]

Why aren’t employment tribunals being recorded and transcribed? [Financial Times] (£)

Michael Gove’s planning reforms will ‘erode’ public’s ability to object to developments, legal advice warns [Independent]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Grant Shapps says law change could allow agency workers to break strikes [The Guardian]

No places at Edinburgh University law course for top students [The Times] (£)

Darren Grimes: Who runs this country? Leftie lawyers and their elite rich cheerleaders, or British voters? [GB News]

‘Unfortunate and disappointing’ Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille speaks out on romance claims [Express]

Cristiano Ronaldo rape lawsuit dismissed by US judge after accuser Kathryn Mayorga’s lawyer ‘harmed’ Man Utd star [The Sun]

“‘Unless it’s an emergency’ basically invalidates this. Anything can be made an emergency for partners and clients, even a missing full stop.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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The speculation about a romance between Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez isn’t ‘sexist’, it involves both of them and is due to both of their looks. Its part of being a young women lawyer, yes, but one who happened to be representing a heartthrob actor.


Shopping Trolley Watch

A run through this list shows what an out of control useless government we now have when they lurch form soundbite policy to soundbite policy with the only guiding principle being what they think will prop up dishonest Boris.


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