Bird & Bird gives trainees and staff £1,000 cost of living bonus

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One-off payment to those earning £50k and below

Bird & Bird has announced that it will be paying a one-off bonus to its London staff to help with rising living costs.

The payment will be made to those with a salary of £50,000 and below in July’s payroll and will amount to £1,000 net of tax and national insurance. Over 300 employees are expected to benefit from the allowance.

This includes first and second year trainees, who currently earn £45,000 and £50,000 per annum respectively following recent wage hikes, as well as business support staff and more junior members of the business services teams. Newly qualified associates at Bird & Bird currently earn £88,000.

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Bird & Bird are not the first firm to make such a gesture.

Irwin Mitchell made a one-off payment of £900 to the majority of its staff in April in light of “the challenging external circumstances affecting the cost of living”. Elsewhere, Legal Cheek reported last month that White & Case had increased both its LPC and GDL maintenance grants in response to the “difficulties” faced by many to meet their financial commitments.

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I mean…good gesture but what’s 1k gonna do lol



Quite a lot if you’re a business support employee on 25k, I should think – will probably cover the increases to your annual energy bills.



They’ll be earning more than 25k…this ain’t medieval times,



How much do you think assistant level first-jobbers in business services earn? There will be people in city law firms on less than 25k.



Typical entitled millennials here, in force. You get paid extra and moan. Typical. In the old days people used to be happy to have a job in the first place.


Kirkland NQ



SC Trainee

Maybe they should just pay all their staff a living wage rather than a one off token ‘bonus’…


Blue's Clues

The living wage only equates to c.£20k pa, paying this to everyone under £50k will reach lot of employees and help offset cost of living. I do not se how this can be viewed as anything other than postive.


Blue's Clues

Better than a punch in the face for the recipients and easy on the operational costs for the firm


Bongo the Clooooown!

Better than a slap in the face with a wet fish!



I was walking on the ground…

I didn’t make a sound, and…

I turned around and I saw you on a mound!

🤡 👀


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