ULaw to offer LPC and LLM at Southampton Law School

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New options delivered from Russell Group uni’s campus

The University of Law (ULaw) has entered into a new partnership that will see it deliver a range of legal courses on-site at the University of Southampton.

Students will have the option to complete ULaw’s Legal Practice Course (LPC) and LLM in Legal Practice from September 2022. There will also be a part-time option from January 2023.

This, ULaw says, will allow qualification through both the LPC and Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) routes at Masters level.

Professor Werner Scholtz, head of Southampton Law School, said that the partnership “will allow Southampton to provide its students with a complete law journey to complement its research-based teaching”.

Students who sign up for any of the new courses at Southampton Uni for September 2022 will also receive a £500 launch discount. Those who sign up for the LPC will still be able to sign up to do either an MSc in Law, Business and Management, or LLM in Professional Legal Practice at no extra cost.

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““This is our eighth partnership with leading UK universities including the University of Exeter, University of Sheffield, University of Reading, University of Liverpool, the University of East Anglia in Norwich, Newcastle University and The University of Chester Law School”, said Professor Peter Crisp, deputy vice chancellor law at ULaw. “We are continuing to strengthen our position as the outstanding legal education provider across England and Wales, and ensuring those students looking to qualify in law now have a greater opportunity to do so with us.”

News of the tie-up comes after ULaw announced in June that it will offer the Bar Practice Course (BCP) and the BCP LLM in Newcastle for the first time, developing on its initial partnership with Newcastle Uni law school to deliver solicitor preparatory courses in March 2021.

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