Bakers confirms SQE maintenance grant of up to £17k

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Also boosts GDL and LPC support

Baker McKenzie has confirmed future trainees sitting the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) will receive maintenance support of up to £17,000.

The firm said law graduates completing the 10-month SQE prep course will be offered £16,000 in financial support, while their non-law counterparts on the 11-month course will receive £17,000.

Separately, Bakers confirmed financial support for both the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and Legal Practice Course (LPC) had increased to £12,500. These previously stood at £8,000 and £10,000, respectively. The firm also covers course fees.

The firm’s future rookies currently study the accelerated LPC at BPP University Law School. However, from September 2023 they will switch to the SQE pathway and complete a prep course with BARBRI.

Bakers’ London graduate recruitment partner, Priyanka Usmani, commented:

“As a firm, we are committed to improving social mobility in the profession and increasing the diversity of candidates undertaking our training contracts. By increasing the support that we make available to future trainees we hope to ensure that more students are able to access a career in law, which they may think is out of reach otherwise.”

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News of the changes come some five months after the firm announced a new ‘Baker Boost’ grant of £4,000 and laptop bursary worth £750 to help support future trainees encountering financial difficulties.

London training principal, Stephen Ratcliffe, added: “The cost of living crisis continues to have an effect on people’s lives, so we want to ensure that the support we are offering future trainees means that they can focus on their studies and completing their qualifications. Along with our Baker Boost and Laptop Grants, which were introduced earlier this year, we are confident that we can offer as much support as possible to our future trainees.”

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2023 shows Bakers recruits around 40 trainees each year on a starting salary of £50,000. Earlier this summer the firm increased the salaries of its newly qualified associates to £110,000.

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Much like the current energy bills support this should really be means tested rather than giving everybody the same.


Get a job, Alan

Surely it’d be better for firms to offer discretionary increases to future trainees from low-income households, rather than means-testing an already insufficient sum to study and live in London for a year?



Having carried out some rough calculations I earn about £40 per hour after tax. I am suitably employed, pal.


Barney the tree

If the firm can afford to give that amount across the board then why not?



Typical. I bet you’re on your 20s. The attitude of entitlement gives you away. In the past people would be grateful for this help but nowadays young folk take and ask for more without any tangible returns. Back then people would get a job on the evenings or weekends but now kids sit with a begging bowl.


Casual Observer

Typical. I bet you’re a fresher, your lack of understanding of what happens in practice gives you away. In the past, people would think analytically before posting on forums.

“Back then people would get a job on the evening…” is not possible when you contract with your firm to not get a job alongside studying for the LPC/GDL/SQE.

Good luck with the applications next year, Alan. Your fictional £40p/h job wont help you secure a vac scheme.



You fail to take into account the possibility that multiple people post as Alan. I am the original Alan and I earn £40/hour after tax. I am a Senior Associate at what I would describe as a reputable but not world beating firm. I have noticed that recently some individuals post a lot of drivel using my good (but ultimately not real) name. Shame.


Has ever entered your mind that other people may share that name, or are you so self centred you forget other humans exist?





Here we go with the ad hominems. I fall foul of the woke brigade and get branded whatever the first word that comes to mind.



Read a book, Bozo



Kindly stop impersonating me. I’ve written to Tom Connolly to get you blocked.



The real Alan does not write to Tom. Far from it.


Maybe then we should pay people on the same basis? The poor get paid more? COMMIE



Oh do be quiet. I have my hands full with Faux Alan here without you too.


Seems like the right system to me? A solid amount of cash with more on top for those who genuinely need it


Therapy Alpaca

I don’t understand why they would increase the SQE to £16k but only give £12.5k to the GDL and LPC? Just to match other firms? But what’s the rationale?



10 and 11 months (SQE) vs 7 months (Accelerated LPC)



The interesting bit here is that the non law graduates do one month more.Is that really so? The City consortium put those without an LLB on the 2 term BPP PGDL/legal foundations course first before the SQE prep courses.


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